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Beechcraft/Raytheon Beech Jet 400
Beechcraft/Raytheon Beech Jet 400
Beechcraft/Raytheon Beech Jet 400

Beech Jet 400

Manufacturer:  Beechcraft/Raytheon
Class:  Light Jet
Seating:  7 to 9
Lavatory:  enclosed
Cabin Dimensions:  4.80 x 4.90 x 14.30 (H-W-L)
Storage Capacity:  83
Max Payload:  2355 lb
Take Off Distance:  3950ft
Climb Rate:  3960 fpm
Cruise Speed:  450 mph
Maximum Range:  1440
Cruise Altitude:  45000 ft

Beech Jet 400 Highlights

The Beech Jet 400 charter jet was designed as an improvement to the Mitsubishi Diamond 2 aircraft by the Raytheon Beech Aircraft Company. This business light jet aircraft has ample seating for seven to nine business executives and offers an enclosed lavatory for added comfort. With a maximum speed of 528 mph and a maximum range of 1440 nm, this luxury aircraft can meet the needs of demanding business itineraries and luxury leisure travelers. From Cape Cod on a private jet to Miami or to Seattle, the air charter of a Beech Jet 400 puts you where you need to be with the convenience of a direct flight.

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