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Boeing - USA Boeing 737
Boeing - USA Boeing 737
Boeing - USA Boeing 737

Boeing 737

Manufacturer:  Boeing - USA
Class:  Airliner
Seating:  162
Lavatory:  Full Lavatory
Cabin Dimensions:  6.90 x 10.10 x 99.99 (H-W-L)
Storage Capacity:  1103
Max Payload:  174200 lb
Take Off Distance:  8375ft
Climb Rate:  0 fpm
Cruise Speed:  518 mph
Maximum Range:  3115
Cruise Altitude:  37000 ft

Boeing 737 Highlights

The Boeing 737 is a single-aisle jet, which can seat between 162 to 189 passengers, can fly 260 nautical miles farther and consume 7 percent less fuel while carrying 12 more passengers than the competing model. The Boeing 737 airliner is the perfect aircraft for large groups of business executives who need to travel from New York to Chicago on a private airliner for an important meeting or function.

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