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Boeing - USA Boeing Business Jet
Boeing - USA Boeing Business Jet
Boeing - USA Boeing Business Jet

Boeing Business Jet

Manufacturer:  Boeing - USA
Class:  Airliner
Seating:  149
Lavatory:  Two Full
Cabin Dimensions:  7.00 x 11.50 x 79.20 (H-W-L)
Storage Capacity:  515
Max Payload:  4,723 lb
Take Off Distance:  4490ft
Climb Rate:  3450 fpm
Cruise Speed:  486 mph
Maximum Range:  6141
Cruise Altitude:  41000 ft

Boeing Business Jet Highlights

The Boeing Business Jet charter jet is the ultimate business jet for long-distance intercontinental charter flights. With a range of 5,365 nautical miles, the Boeing Business Jet can fly from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles without a fuel stop. Powered by 2 RCFM International CFM56-7 turbofans, the Boeing Business Jet maintains an unbelievable cruising speed of Mach .8 or 515 knots. The Boeing Business Jet is typically configured to seat eight or 25 passengers, but it can accommodate up to 50 executives passengers in its 79-foot-long cabin. The Boeing Business Jet has also been known to feature a luxurious, queen-size bed in a private room, two full-size showers and an executive board room and lounge. Flying around the world at 41,000 feet with only one fuel stop enables executives who charter the Boeing Business Jet to truly manage a global business.

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