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Cessna Citation Bravo
Cessna Citation Bravo
Cessna Citation Bravo

Citation Bravo

Manufacturer:  Cessna
Class:  Light Jet
Seating:  6+1/8
Lavatory:  full
Cabin Dimensions:  4.75 x 4.92 x 17.70 (H-W-L)
Storage Capacity:  73
Max Payload:  1800 lb
Take Off Distance:  3600ft
Climb Rate:  3370 fpm
Cruise Speed:  459 mph
Maximum Range:  1508
Cruise Altitude:  45000 ft

Citation Bravo Highlights

The Citation Bravo/550 charter jet is a roomy seven-passenger light jet that features such plush amenities as leather swiveling captain's chairs and a full lavatory. Exceptional sound proofing makes this private jet an ideal forum to conduct in flight business meetings. The Citation Bravo can take off from runways as short at 3,000 feet, giving executives more airports to choose from. The advanced communication technologies aboard the Citation Bravo allow you make this private jet your office in the sky. Two Pratt and Whitney PW530A jet engines thrust this private jet to a maximum cruising speed of over 430 mph and offering busy executives the gift incredible time efficiency. The Citation Bravo has a range of over 1340 nm allowing non-stop travel between Chicago on a private jet and New York . When you are looking to the charter a private jet in the light category, the Citation Bravo will deliver quality and performance time and time again.

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