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Cessna Citation CJ1
Cessna Citation CJ1
Cessna Citation CJ1

Citation CJ1

Manufacturer:  Cessna
Class:  Light Jet
Seating:  6/7
Lavatory:  belted potty
Cabin Dimensions:  4.80 x 4.80 x 11.00 (H-W-L)
Storage Capacity:  55
Max Payload:  2300 lb
Take Off Distance:  3280ft
Climb Rate:  3290 fpm
Cruise Speed:  379 mph
Maximum Range:  1101
Cruise Altitude:  41000 ft

Citation CJ1 Highlights

The Citation CJ1/Citationjet 525, a twin engine light charter jet, combines versatility and comfort along with low operating costs. Powered by twin Williams Fj44-1AP engines the CJ1 is an outstanding competitor as an entry-level light jet, with cruising speeds of 389 mph. The CJ1 has the ability to land on a runway as short as 2,590ft and is the logical alternative to a turbo-prop aircraft. The CJ1 is also an exceptionally quiet aircraft, complete with acoustic-blanket soundproofing, perfect for executives who need to catch up on some work during their flight. With seating for six and a range of 1,300 nm, the Citation CJ1 is Ideal when considering a private jet charter from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia .

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