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Cessna Citation CJ2
Cessna Citation CJ2
Cessna Citation CJ2

Citation CJ2

Manufacturer:  Cessna
Class:  Light Jet
Seating:  7/8
Lavatory:  belted potty
Cabin Dimensions:  4.70 x 4.80 x 13.80 (H-W-L)
Storage Capacity:  74
Max Payload:  3200 lb
Take Off Distance:  3420ft
Climb Rate:  4120 fpm
Cruise Speed:  405 mph
Maximum Range:  1512
Cruise Altitude:  45000 ft

Citation CJ2 Highlights

If the Cessna CJ1 had a big sister, it would be the Cessna Citation CJ2/Citationjet 525A charter jet. This aircraft's twin Williams FJ44-3a-24 power plant gives the Citation CJ2 the added boost it needs to climb up to 45,000 feet at a rate of 4,120 feet per minute. The Citation CJ2 boasts a maximum cruise speed of 418 knots along with a range of 1613 nm. With the luxuriously appointed amenities and a quiet cabin, the citation CJ2 makes an ideal charter plane for busy executives traveling from Atlanta to Chicago on a private jet non-stop.

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