Determine the appropriate private jet for each flight

As a flight coordinator in the private jet charter industry, it is our responsibility to match our client with the aircraft that not only suits their needs, but is also capable of fulfilling the mission.  Several factors must be considered when determining the aircraft for your private charter trip that will ensure your experience is second to none.

The first consideration in determining the appropriate private jet for your charter is the most basic.  How many passengers will be aboard the aircraft?  The answer to this question will determine, for the most part, the category of aircraft; whether it be a turbo-prop, light jet, midsize jet or heavy jet which should be used for the specific charter flight. For a private jet charter trip with 10 passengers or more, a large cabin aircraft is required. One who charters a private jet for 8 passengers or less will have more flexibility in deciding which private jet is used for their charter trip.  A good private jet charter coordinator should be able to feel out the needs of their client; they will determine the main focus of their client.  Is their focus on price or comfort?

Let’s evaluate a hypothetical situation; a private jet charter coordinator has just received a call from a potential customer who has little experience with private jet charters.  For this charter trip, there are a total of 6 passengers, all of whom are adults. The routing is pretty typical; HOU-VNY round trip. If their main focus is price, a light jet is going to be the best option; it will get them to and from their destination in relative comfort at an economical price. Among light jets, price will vary and is dependent upon which light jet is chosen.  For 6 passengers, a Learjet 35/31 will be a tighter fit than a Beech Jet 400.  However, for this trip, the passengers’ main concern is comfort in flight and not price.  This charter trip will be appropriate for a mid-size jet. Once again, the type of aircraft in the mid-size category will need to be considered.  A Hawker 800XP will provide a little more room than a Learjet 60.

The next consideration would be to determine the need for storage capacity.  Referring back to the hypothetical charter flight; if the same 6 passengers have golf bags along with small overnight bags it is highly likely that the Hawker 800XP will not be able to accommodate the luggage. In this case a Learjet 60 should be selected over the previously mentioned Hawker 800XP.  A Citation Excel may also be a good choice.  The Citation Excel has 87 cubic feet of baggage space.

It is very important for a private jet charter coordinator to understand exactly what the passengers will be bringing on board in the way of luggage. One of the worst situations a charter flight coordinator can put themselves in, would be to suggest and book an aircraft that will not fit all of the clients belongings into the luggage compartment.  Choosing the wrong aircraft for the client could easily result in an uncomfortable phone call from the client who is standing on the tarmac wanting to know how you intend to get all of their golf clubs to their destination in time for their 7:30 tee time at Tory Pines…

A third consideration when determining the appropriate aircraft for the charter trip is the trip itself.  The Aircrafts range is a primary determinant for the selection of the appropriate aircraft capable of completing the private charter trip.  

If the passenger needs to charter a private jet from VNY – TEB for a total of four passengers and does not mind a fuel stop for both legs of their charter trip, a light jet would be appropriate.  However, for clients who stipulate that a fuel stop is not an option; the charter trip would require a super mid such as a Citation X.  It is also important to remember that California to Hawaii cannot be reached by a light jet or mid-sized private jet unless it has been custom fitted with larger fuel tanks. The same is true for private jet charter trips from the east coast of the U.S. to Europe.  In this situation a large cabin private jet such as a Gulfstream GIVSP would be required.

In the world of private aviation there are many different aircraft options; which provide flexibility when choosing the appropriate private jet for your trip.  An experienced private jet charter coordinator who has studied this information will be able to provide knowledgeable and professional assistance.  Having confidence that each detail of your charter flight has been addressed comes only from the development of a personal relationship with a private jet charter coordinator; which will provide the best experience possible, trip after trip.  Contact one of Stratos Jet Charters private jet charter coordinators today at 1.888.478.7286 to discuss the details of your upcoming private jet charter trip.

Range- The calculated distance in miles, which an aircraft is able to travel without a fuel stop.