Private Jet

Private jet travel is no longer exclusively for high-level corporate executives. With new technologies and more private jets available for charter, private jet travel has become accessible to a whole new class of would be commercial travelers. The private jet industry; once thought of as a luxury item for the wealthy is undergoing a transition expanding the reach of private jet access.

There are many factors influencing the expansion of the private jet industry. Most notably, has been the shift in business models of private jet companies. At one time private jet travel was accessible only to owners of the private jet itself. Manufacturers of private jets and private jet enthusiasts pioneered the concept of fractional jet ownership; expanding the market to wealthy individuals whom private jet travels would be out of reach. Further expansion of the private jet industry occurred in early 2000 with the introduction of the brokerage model.

Private jet brokers make private jet travel available on-demand. Private jet brokerage companies like Stratos Jet Charters, provide service without the huge capital requirements and headaches inherent to owning a private jet. Stratos Jet Charters has access to over 5,000 aircraft strategically based throughout the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Pacific Islands. Stratos Jet Charters flight coordinators can help you select the right aircraft for you private plane charter.

For example, flying from New York to London would require a heavy jet such as a
Gulfstream G IVSP. This trip would be inappropriate for a light jet such as a Learjet 35 or even a mid-sized private jet such as a Hawker 800XP. Shorter trips from Los Angeles to Las Vegas would be inappropriate for a heavy jet like the Falcon 900. This trip would be ideal for a turbo-prop like a King Air 350 or even a light jet like the Premiere 1A. Mid-sized jets such as the Lear 60 are ideal for transporting 5 to 8 passengers in total comfort from New York to Florida.

Determining the right aircraft for your trip depends on many factors. Factors in determining the appropriate private jet depend on number of passengers, distance traveled, budget, level of comfort desired. When your travel plans arise visit Stratos Jet Charters on the web at or by contacting on of our private jet charter flight coordinators at 1.888.478.7286.