Beechcraft King Air 350

Charter Private Flights on a King Air 350

The King Air 350 is a the premier turboprop aircraft from Beechcraft. This charter plane is the largest twin engine turbo-prop produced by Beechcraft. The next generation of the King Air 200, the King Air 350 has a T-tail which provides enhanced stability on take-off and landing. Few turboprops can soar up to an altitude of 35,000 feet like the King Air 350 can.  This high altitude performance increases safety as it can fly far above most hazardous weather.  Its large, comfortable19-foot-long cabin is roomy enough for 9 passengers and comfortable for longer flights. Its massive 71 cubic feet of storage is the perfect private plane for golfers.  Additional modifications were made to dramatically improve aerodynamics and power. The King Air 350 can cruise at speeds of 360 mph and has a range of 1,802 nautical miles.  We frequently organize private flights on King Airs in the North East between New York and Boston or from Charleston, South Carolina to the Bahamas.

Beechcraft King Air 350 Charter Rates (Per hour)

  • One-way    $3,200 - $3,500
  • Round-trip $1,900 - $2,400
* Pricing is based on aircraft availability and the positioning requirements of the aircraft.
Beechcraft King Air 350 Specs.
  • Manufacturer Raytheon/Beechcraft
  • Max Payload 2,500 lb
  • Class Turbo Prop
  • Take off distance 3,300 ft
  • Seating 9
  • Climb rate 2,844 ft/min
  • Lavatory aft lav
  • Cruise Speed 235 mph
  • Cabin dimensions 4.9 x 4.6 x 19.6 (H-W-L)
  • Maximum range 2,074 mi
  • Storage capacity 71 cu ft
  • Cruise altitude 33,000 ft

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