Citation Bravo Charter Flights

When you’re looking to charter light executive jets, the Citation Bravo delivers quality and performance time and time again.

When American-based Cessna decided to update its hugely popular Citation II business jet, they came up with the roomy, seven-passenger Citation Bravo. In addition to being fuel-efficient, the Bravo has a number of other features that make it one of the top executive jets in the light class.

When business executives use Stratos Jets to arrange a flight on a Bravo, they can expect to be surrounded by plush amenities, such as:

  • Leather swiveling captain’s chairs
  • Full lavatory
  • Fold-away tables
  • Large windows for ambient light

The engineer team behind the Citation Bravo designed the cabin interior to have exceptional soundproofing, making this private jet an ideal forum to conduct in-flight business meetings, or catch up on a little rest while you’re on the go.

The Citation Bravo, which ended production in 2006 (after more than 330 of these executive jets were built), can take off from runways as short at 4,000 feet, giving increased flexibility when flight planning. A pair of Pratt and Whitney PW530A turbo fans thrust this private jet to a maximum cruising speed of more than 450 mph, helping passengers on tight timelines reach the destination quickly.

With a range of more than 1,651 nautical miles, the Bravo is well suited for non-stop air charter services between places like:

  • New York to Miami
  • Los Angeles to San Francisco
  • Aspen to Southern California

For a light jet, the Bravo features an impressive baggage capacity of 73 cubic feet, spread among several compartments. One of the compartments is conveniently located next to the lavatory, making it ideal for coats and small carry-on items. There is room for additional storage in drawers beneath each of the seats.

In terms of handling and operation, the Citation Bravo is easy to fly compared to other light executive jets. Pilots can even become certified to fly it solo, and the cockpit features handy systems such as:

  • Traffic avoidance information
  • Weather radar
  • Digital maps
  • Easy preflight checks

Citation Bravo Specs.
  • Manufacturer Cessna
  • Max Payload 1,975 lb
  • Class Light Jet
  • Take off distance 3,600 ft
  • Seating 7
  • Climb rate 3195 ft/min
  • Lavatory full
  • Cruise Speed 461 mph
  • Cabin dimensions 4.8 x 3.2 x 15.8 (H-W-L)
  • Maximum range 1,900 mi
  • Storage capacity 74 cu ft
  • Cruise altitude 39,000 ft

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