Falcon 7X Charter Flights

The Falcon 7X is truly a luxurious private jet that offers an unmatched ramp presence all around the world

French-based aerospace company Dassault Aviation claims its Falcon 7X heavy jet to be the most advanced business jet on the planet. When you take a look at what it offers, you might find that there’s some truth to that bold statement.

For starters, the 7X is the first-ever business jet to utilize fighter jet technology. That in itself is pretty cool. After all, Dassault is the company that produced the highly successful Mirage fighter jet. However, while the Mirage is a single-engine aircraft, the 7X is one of a select few private jets to use a tri-engine configuration.

As a result, it is one of the most fuel-efficient heavy jets on the market today. The Falcon’s three Pratt & Whitney PW307A turbofan engines burn up to a third less fuel than some of its class competitors. Furthermore, it reduces operating costs to provide an economical jet charter experience.

With a range of 5,950 nautical miles, the Falcon 7X places the world at your fingertips. This long-range business jet is capable of flying 12 hours nonstop with eight passengers and a crew of three. As a result, you can travel between places like:

  • Paris to Tokyo
  • Shanghai to Seattle
  • New York to Jeddah
  • Johannesburg to London

And it’s not just the potential to reach long-range destinations that impresses clients. It’s also the places the 7X can land. It has the ability to access small airports, so you arrive closer to your ultimate destination.

The innovative tri-engine configuration also gives the Falcon 7X power to spare. It boasts a maximum speed of 594 mph, and a typical cruise speed of 528 mph. The 7X also makes runways approaches at a slower speed of 104 knots, which adds to the corporate jet’s high level of safety.

Drawing on the company’s background as a fighter jet manufacturer, Dassault managed to make the Falcon 7X a remarkably agile business jet for an aircraft of its size. When you combine that with its ability to deliver long-range comfort, you get the best of both worlds.

The whisper-like cabin of the 7X is a thing of beauty. Dassault partnered with BMW Group DesignworksUSA to create the interior design. In addition to being one of the quietest in its class, it also features:

  • 28 large windows for plenty of natural light
  • A trio of spacious lounge areas for comfort and productivity
  • An advanced cabin management system for easy environment control
  • Comfortable cabin pressure of 3,950 feet while cruising at 41,000 feet
  • Humidified and refreshed air circulation
  • Cabin climate control

This high-end business jet features a fully enclosed lavatory, 140 cubic feet of baggage storage and a full galley.

No matter what you intend to do while you’re flying, the Falcon 7X provides the ideal cabin environment to:

  • Work
  • Relax
  • Communicate

The cabin management system is compatible with many portable devices, placing control of your inflight experience at your fingertips.

The spacious interior of the Falcon 7X is typically configured to accommodate between 12 and 16 passengers in maximum comfort. The total cabin volume measures 1,552 cubic feet, with dimensions measuring:

  • 39-foot long
  • 6 feet, 2 inches tall
  • 8 feet, 4 inches wide

Falcon 7X Specs.
  • Manufacturer Dassault
  • Max Payload 4,400 lb
  • Class Heavy Jets
  • Take off distance 5,705 ft
  • Seating 12
  • Climb rate 2,055 ft/min
  • Lavatory Full Lavatory
  • Cruise Speed 528 mph
  • Cabin dimensions 6.2 x 7.8 x 39.1 (H-W-L)
  • Maximum range 5,950 nm
  • Storage capacity 140 cu ft
  • Cruise altitude 43,000 ft

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