Global Express

The Global Express Offers Long Haul Private Jet Charter Flights

Bombardier’s Global Express XRS private jet charter is the ultimate tool for business executives who do travel internationally. In addition to its superior range, the Global Express features a well-designed cabin that provides the amenities and spaciousness passengers need to either relax or remain productive while flying. There’s even a private stateroom for added privacy and comfort.

The Global Express XRS is a ultra-long-range private jet charter manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace in Toronto Canada. Introduced to the company’s Global Express line in 2003, the XRS is powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR 10A2-20 turbofan, which allow it to complete both transcontinental and intercontinental missions.

With an impressive range of 6,170 nautical miles, the Global Express can easily fly 12 hours without stopping. It can fly from places like:

  • Los Angeles to Tokyo
  • Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia
  • Los Angeles to London

To put it another way, you can fly between almost any two points on the planet with just one stop.

The XRS, which is now marketed as the Global Express 6000, is an improved version of the original Global Express. It offers upgrades on:

  • Cruise speed
  • Range
  • Cabin layout
  • Cabin lighting
  • Cabin pressurization
  • Storage

Because of the Global Express’s ultra-long-range capabilities, the designers at Bombardier made sure the cabin was comfortable and well-appointed to keep passengers happy throughout the journey. The cabin features an aft stateroom that includes:

  • Shower
  • Bed
  • Full lavatory

In total, the cabin offers more than 2,100 cubic feet of space, offering room for up to 19 passengers (it is typically configured to seat eight). It measures:

  • 48 feet long
  • 8.17 feet wide
  • 6.25 feet tall

During a long-range flight, people are bound to want to move about, and the Global Express has the space to do it. Plus, for taller passengers, you won’t have to worry about stooping as you stand up to stretch your legs.

Executives travelling on long business trips also need sustenance. The Global Express features a full galley on the port side to cater to all of your meal requests.

Despite its intended use for long-haul flights, the Global Express is surprisingly fast. It features a maximum cruise speed of 562 mph, and a long-range speed of about 540 mph. It is also a quick climber, reaching 37,000 in just 20 minutes.

Global Express Specs.
  • Manufacturer Bombardier
  • Max Payload 5,700 lb
  • Class Heavy Jets
  • Take off distance 5,820 ft
  • Seating 8
  • Climb rate 1,947 ft/min
  • Lavatory two full
  • Cruise Speed 562 mph
  • Cabin dimensions 6.3 x 6.9 x 44 (H-W-L)
  • Maximum range 6,628 mi
  • Storage capacity 175 cu ft
  • Cruise altitude 43,000 ft

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