Beechcraft King Air 90 Charter Flights

Private Charters on a King Air 90

A King Air 90 charter flight offers an unparalleled combination of:

  • Cabin size
  • Low operating costs
  • Short and rough field capabilities
  • Load carrying performance
  • Above-average speed

And with a 50 per cent larger cabin environment than most ‘very light jets,’ the King Air 90 is a more comfortable alternative for short-hop excursions than its turbofan counterparts. Due to the aircraft’s square-oval cabin design, passengers enjoy ample head and shoulder space, without having to scrunch down.

The twin-engine King Air 90 is one of the most dependable charter planes available. Older models are capable of cruising at speeds of nearly 300 mph, making it an attractive option for short to medium distances. Its low operating costs and spacious cabin make it a solid choice for corporate travellers looking for an aircraft capable of flying one-to-two hours nonstop.

There’s No Substitute for Cabin Comfort

Unlike the new generation of very light jets currently being introduced to the charter market, the King Air 90 has a spacious cabin layout that can carry six adult passengers with all their luggage. With an impressive range of 1,329 nautical miles, this turboprop enables executives and leisure travelers to comfortably fly from the Carolinas to Key West without stopping.

The King Air 90 is also one of the most commonly chartered private aircraft between Boston and New York. For economical, short-hop travel this is the ideal corporate travel solution.

While the King Air 90 might not have the same high-speed cruising capabilities of competitors in the light jet class, the time differential over a short flight isn’t that significant. Flying in one of these turboprops, you might arrive half-an-hour later. This will likely be acceptable for all but those with the most demanding travel schedules.

When you mix in King Air 90’s economy and more spacious cabin, the slight decrease in top-end speed is a worthy tradeoff for most.

Beechcraft began the King Air 90 program back in the 1960s, and the US Army was one of its first customers. Since then, the aircraft has undergone numerous upgrades, and hundreds have been built.

In particular, the model C90, was one of the most popular variants. Beechcraft introduced it in 1971, and it featured a:

  • Longer wingspan
  • Upgraded Pratt & Whitney PT6A engines
  • Increased MTOW (9,650 pounds)

In total, Beechcraft delivered more than 500 C90s, as it easily outsold the competition year after year.

Closing in on the Competition

The King Air 90’s most current iteration is the C90GTx. It’s a six-seater in a standard corporate configuration (including a belted potty) with:

  • Maximum range of 1,260 nm
  • Service ceiling of 30,000 feet
  • Four-bladed propeller

More importantly, the C90GTx boasts a maximum cruise speed of 313 mph and exceptional climbing capabilities. This has helped it close the gap on the light jet market.

Newer models, starting with the 2007 unveiling of the C90CTi, also feature the top-of-the-line Collins Pro Line 21 avionics system.

However, there are many older models still in use on the charter plane market. And they continue to offer the same level of reliability, comfort and affordability that made them famous more than four decades ago. Contact us at 888.478.7286 learn more about private charter flights.

Beechcraft King Air 90 Charter Rates (Per hour)

  • One-way    $2,000 - $2,450
  • Round-trip $1,400 - $1,750
* Pricing is based on aircraft availability and the positioning requirements of the aircraft.
Beechcraft King Air 90 Specs.
  • Manufacturer Raytheon
  • Max Payload 2,480 lb
  • Class Turbo Prop
  • Take off distance 2,275 ft
  • Seating 5
  • Climb rate 2,000 ft/min
  • Lavatory aft lav
  • Cruise Speed 244 mph
  • Cabin dimensions 4.6 x 4.4 x 12.6 (H-W-L)
  • Maximum range 1,530 mi
  • Storage capacity 26.5 cu ft
  • Cruise altitude 24,000 ft

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