Falcon 2000LX Charter Flights

The Falcon 2000LX Offers Its Travelers The Comfort of Large Cabin Private Jets With Lower Operating Costs

The Falcon 2000LX business jet from Dassault offers corporate travelers the space and cabin comfort of a heavy jet with the agility and economy of a smaller airplane. First launched in 2009, the LX is a longer-range variant of the highly successful 2000 series of corporate jets by the French-based aerospace company.

To achieve the extra range, the Falcon 2000LX uses winglets, giving it a range of 4,000 nautical miles with as many as eight passengers aboard. This is a significant boost of 200 nm over its predecessor, the 2000EX. The winglets also boost the aircraft’s climbing ability. As a result of this seemingly insignificant design improvement, it can soar to 41,000 feet in less than 20 minutes.

The Falcon 2000 series is a smaller version of Dassault’s successful 900 series. However, unlike the tri-engine configuration of the 900, the 2000s feature twin-engine turbofans.

And just like the models before it, the 2000LX retains many of the features that made is such a popular business jet, including:

  • Large, wide-body cabin design
  • Excellent fuel economy compared to class competitors
  • Respectable cruise speeds

Much of the credit for the Falcon 2000LX’s blend of performance and economy should go to its turbofans. A pair of Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C engines deliver 7,000 pounds of thrust apiece to this business jet. As a result, it requires just 5,585 of runway to take off at sea-level airports. Furthermore, it boasts a maximum service ceiling of 47,000 feet.

Designed specifically for the Falcon, the Pratt & Whitney engines offer a combination of:

  • Extreme durability
  • Low emissions
  • Low operating costs

To date, aircraft with these engines have recorded more than a million flight hours.

Sharing the same power plants as the 2000EX, it’s not surprising that the 2000LX manages the same cruise speeds. For shorter missions where range is less of an issue, it zips along at a high cruise speed of 554 mph. While travelling on longer flights, it maintains a cruise speed of 484 mph.

Another trait of the Falcon 2000LX that endears it to corporate travellers is its comfortable cabin interior. It boasts a cabin volume in excess of 1,000 cubic feet, and it measures:

  • 6 feet, 1 inch tall (good enough for standing room)
  • 7 feet, 7 inches wide
  • 3 feet long

As a result, travellers enjoy ample room to get up and stretch their legs during long-range flights. While the optimum configuration is designed for eight passengers, the 2000LX can transport as many as 19 when needed.

In addition to an intuitive cabin management system, the Falcon 2000LX offers exceptional soundproofing. As a result, passengers will derive maximum use from the aircraft’s inflight entertainment system with minimal disruption.

And for those who want to relax while they’re flying, two of the thoughtfully designed seats in the Falcon 2000 series fold down to form a comfortable sleeping platform.

Other useful interior features include:

  • Stand-up aft lavatory
  • Full-service galley
  • Dressing room
  • Inflight baggage accessibility (134 cubic feet)

In the cockpit, pilots enjoy flying the Falcon 2000LX almost as much as passengers like travelling in them. That’s because it uses the tried-and-tested Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 avionics suite. The aircraft’s flight systems are well laid out to provide intuitive flight control.

Falcon 2000LX Specs.
  • Manufacturer Dassault
  • Max Payload 5,250 lb
  • Class Heavy Jets
  • Take off distance 5,585 ft
  • Seating 10
  • Climb rate 2,466 ft/min
  • Lavatory full
  • Cruise Speed 484 mph
  • Cabin dimensions 6.1 x 7.7 x 26.3 (H-W-L)
  • Maximum range 4,000 nm
  • Storage capacity 134 cu ft
  • Cruise altitude 43,000 ft

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