Demand for Private Jet Travel Increases as Airport Budget Cuts Lead to Flight Delays and Long Security Lines

Private Jet Travel

The $85 billion in budget cuts that took effect on March 1st will adversely affect airport and airline operations. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will have to reduce its spendings by approximately $600 million. Customs and Border Protection and Transportation Security Administration agents will face staff cuts, reduced hours, and a hire freeze.

According to FAA over a hundred air traffic control facilities will be closed. Due to these unavoidable measures, travelers will deal with longer lines and flight delays. Flights to cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta might experience up to 60 min delays during peak seasons.

Today’s competitive market demands immediate action. Commercial airlines are constantly delayed due to weather and layovers, which causes too much uncertainty for business travel. Through our reputation as an industry leader, Stratos Jets is in the unique position to offer fill empty-leg and one-way charter flights from our network of leading Part 135 aircraft operators. Point-to-point pricing, empty-leg and one-way flights all provide Stratos Jets client the tools for taking their businesses wherever opportunity finds them. We offer competitive pricing on many such flights, and in most cases, deep discounts.

Only private aviation can offer the type of flexibility that business executives need to compete in our ever-changing economy. More often than not, charter flights are arranged for corporations whose members, due to the global nature of today’s markets, are required to travel great distances, sometimes several times in one day. Private aviation also allows business executives to meet the critical need of meeting with customers, clients and prospects face-to-face. Given the long security lines and inconsistent scheduling of commercial travel, it would be next to impossible for these individuals to travel last-minute, coast to coast, on a commercial airline to see a prospective client. It’s harder still for these individuals to get any work done while traveling aboard a noisy, crowded commercial carrier.

The many benefits of jet charter service is the flexibility to travel whenever and wherever their business takes them. Every day, Stratos Jets agents work hard to connect these individuals with the most appropriate aircraft for their individual needs. We can provide small, mid, and heavy-sized jet options for domestic and international charter flights, all within approximately four-hours notice. This provides our clients with the freedom to customize their business charter flights entirely around their personal needs or itinerary. In addition, having access to multiple airports across the country allows private jet travelers to get closer and faster to their destinations.

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