Summer travel season is approaching and families are looking for safer travel options. The pandemic has forever changed how we travel, but there are still travel opportunities. At Stratos Jet Charters, we are happy to welcome first-time family charter flyers. Our on-demand private jets are the peak of comfort, bio-safety, and customized flight amenities for your family trip.

Like any good journey, successful family flights depend on good preparation. Adults and kids have different needs when flying.  

Here are five tips to ensure your Stratos family flights go smoothly.

1. Plan for emotional outbursts

For some children, the idea of flying can be scary. We suggest showing them photos or YouTube videos of the cabin interior so they know what to expect. Show them where you will sit, where they will be seated, and assure them there is room for their favorite stuffed animal if they need a traveling companion. We have photos and descriptions of every aircraft in our network on our charter aircraft page so you can help prepare your children for their upcoming adventure.

two boys on private jet charter

When kids know what to expect, a first-time flight can be much more enjoyable.

2. Think about baby gear

When booking family flights with one of our expert Flight Advisors, be sure to mention if you are bringing baby gear. Strollers, diaper bags, back-pack baby carriers, and other gear can be safely brought on board if there is space. We can help you choose the right aircraft with enough storage space for your items.

3. Pack snacks

It may seem odd to bring snacks when many of our charter flights feature gourmet-quality meals. But kids thrive on familiarity, and their favorite snack food might be exactly what they need if they get restless on the flight. 

4. Bring a variety of activities

It’s always good to have a couple of backup items for when your child inevitably gets bored with their current activity.  Small toys, crayons, and puzzle pieces might easily get lost, but activity books, storybooks, and even handheld electronics can be good options. 

5. Ask about WiFi

How did parents ever raise kids before WiFi? Older children and teens rely absolutely on their electronics for entertainment. Since our aircraft are designed for corporate travelers, most come with high-bandwidth WiFi. However, not all aircraft are WiFi-equipped. Be sure to ask your Stratos booking agent about the WiFi and inflight entertainment options for your family.

boy with headphones on plane

Sometimes online entertainment can be the best form of distraction for little flyers experiencing jitters during a flight.

If you need more information on flying with newborns and toddlers on a private jet, check out our “Flying With Kids” blog article. It has additional tips for parents.

Every Stratos jet charter flight is a customized travel experience. Whether you are a high-level VIP executive group, or a family taking a much-needed holiday, you will always get our best service. If you need help with a mobility-impaired family traveler, need a hotel room or ground transportation, or if your family has special dietary requirements, just let us know.

Safety, reliability, and service are why Stratos is the right choice for family travel this year.

To arrange a memorable family luxury private flight to anywhere in the world, just call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.