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Private jet charter aircraft come in all shapes and sizes, and the performance characteristics and service capabilities can vary tremendously from one to the next, even for jets within the same category. Understanding these differences is important, as it will help you select the most suitable aircraft for your particular mission. That’s why we’ve developed this side-by-side comparison tool, which allows you to view the key specifications of any three private jet rental options in terms of manufacturing details, performance specs, cabin dimensions and aircraft pricing.
We believe this is a valuable educational tool for our clients, as it helps you make informed decisions whenever you want to charter a private jet. For example, let’s say you want to book a charter flight on a light jet. A quick comparison between the Learjet 40, Citation CJ2 and Phenom 300 will help you narrow down your decision based on their strengths.
Do you prefer the high-end speed of a Learjet, the short runway capabilities of the Citation or the extra range and luggage capacity of the Phenom? All three are exceptional jet rental options, but certain models will be better suited for specific types of charter flights.
Of course, when choosing a private jet rental, you can always rely on the expert advice of one of our air charter associates. This comparison tool is just another way for you to understand the process and feel confident in your decisions. We've also created an Aircraft Comparison Guide to further help clients narrow down their decisions.





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