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Private Jet Charter Flights in New York

At Stratos Jet Charters, Inc., we bring you modern-day speed, efficiency, and amenities. Our dedicated Trip Support team takes care of any necessary arrangements, such as transportation to and from the airport, food and beverages, and accommodations. Whether you have a corporate party of 50, a group of ten, or are flying alone, we have access to private planes that are perfectly suited to your needs.

There’s no better way to fly into the Big Apple than with Stratos Jet Charters.  We inspect each aircraft according to the most stringent safety standards and can turn your reservation into a reality in just a few hours. All of the charter flights we arrange are pre-screened against a stringent set of safety standards and will be flown under the command of two highly trained and experienced pilots.

We Cater to Your Travel Needs

From dire emergencies to pleasant surprises, you can’t always book your travel plans months in advance. At the same time, you can’t necessarily bend your schedule to comply with that of the local commercial airlines. When trying to book last-minute trips, you’re likely to face fluctuating prices, long layovers, unexpected delays, and any number of other hurdles. If you book a private jet charter flight to or from New York with us, we’re here to fill your demands. Whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment junket or unexpected business issue in need of in-person resolution, we can have you in the air in as little as four hours and get you where you’re going non-stop.

Experience a More Streamlined Process

You’re probably more familiar than you’d like to be with the check-in process when you fly with a commercial airline. Long lines await you at every turn. Once you part with your luggage, you make your way through security.  Here you empty your pockets, remove your shoes, step through the invasive scanners where a stranger pats you down. After you finally make your way to the terminal, you line up with hundreds of other passengers as you’re herded onto the plane.

If you choose a private jet charter flight in New York, you’ll find the process is considerably less stressful. We’ll take the majority of your information over the phone while you’re booking your flight. Once you arrive, we’ll just need to see your I.D. to confirm your identity. From there, you board while we’re loading your luggage and you’re on your way. Our clients find this to be quite a refreshing change. You know everyone in your party, and our pilots and comfort specialists are thoroughly vetted, so you’re flying in ultimate security.


You’re Safe with Us

Just as we strive to cover your every need, we consider safety a top priority. Our agents are well-versed in all aspects of our industry, not just coordinating flights. We look at the performance capabilities and maintenance records of every aircraft in our network. Then assess the skills and experience of the operator, before recommending a carrier to you. We believe safety shouldn’t be a concern when you’re booking private jet charter flights in New York.  Stratos ensures that you’re fully protected from every angle.

We’re an ARGUS-certified charter broker.  This means we’ve proven that we meet the standards set forth by the leader in aviation safety and regulation compliance. They inspect our facilities, scrutinize our team members’ knowledge, and assess our business practices before determining our eligibility for their certification. Stratos has sustained an exemplary rating with them. Due to our emphasis on risk management and understanding of safety guidelines, we’re also members of the Air Charter Safety Foundation. On top of all our other efforts to protect our clients, we maintain a $25 million liability policy.  Covering all private jet charter flights in New York that we arrange.

Combine the Best of Both Worlds with a Charter Flight

Just over a century ago, the first commercial flight carried a single passenger across Tampa Bay. Over the next several years, taking to the skies became a rare treat only a select few had the pleasure of experiencing. Boeing brought about a revolution with the introduction of its 247 that was capable of holding up to 10 passengers. Once the Douglas Aircraft Company introduced its 21-passenger DC-3 to the market, the industry really began to take off.

Fast forward to today where businesses, popular events, and even families have gone global.  Flying has become something of a necessity. One hundred years of advancements have made it an entirely different experience.  Today’s planes offer quite a few more comforts, but that’s only one side of the story. You don’t even have to set foot on a plane to realize today’s commercial flights are far more crowded than those of the industry’s early days. Private jet charter flights in New York serve to mitigate many of the less-than-pleasant aspects of flying.

We Have a Broader Reach

Regardless of where you actually need to be in New York, there are only three major commercial airports. You will land in either New York City or in Newark. NYC is certainly one of the most popular destinations for private jet charter flights in New York, but it’s not the only one. If you’re bound for Ithaca, White Plains, Niagara Falls, Long Island, Albany, or anywhere else in the state, you’ll be looking at extra drive time.

Keep in mind, all that has to be factored into the scheduling process when you fly the commercial skies. Our flights can take you to more than 100 airports throughout the state, and thousands around the globe, so we can get you within minutes of where you need to go. Search our New York airport directory to learn more about our scope.

Contact Us, and Let Us Schedule Your Private Jet Charter Flight in or from New York

When you book a private jet charter flight in New York with Stratos, you’re handing over all the hassles to our support team. You don’t have to worry about deciphering flight schedules or finding transportation to and from the airport.  You won’t be spending hours in various lines or reconnecting with your luggage.  Stratos makes booking a charter flight in New York simple. There are no long term contracts committing you to fly with us in the future. All you have to do is let us know what you need. We’ll take care of all the details. Whether you need to fly across the state or around the world, and we will get you there in comfort.

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Search our New York airport directory.  You’ll find airport codes, runway and FBO Information.  We also list aircraft available for charter as well as empty leg jet charters in New York.

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