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Find Exotic Getaways and Exciting Entrepreneurial Opportunities with a Private Jet Charter in Puerto Rico

From towering skyscrapers and charming villages to lush rain forests and rugged mountains, Puerto Rico offers a diversity of vacation getaways and entrepreneurial opportunities. If you’re planning to make your way to this Caribbean isle, a private jet charter would serve you well. Stratos Jet Charters, Inc., is the foremost authority on charter flights in Puerto Rico, and once you contact one of our trip support specialists, you’ll see what sets us apart in our industry.

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A Wide Range of Aircraft to Suit Your Needs

When it comes to flying, there are no more comfortable or more convenient options than a private jet in Puerto Rico. We have access to a network of more than 5,000 aircraft, any of which can be brokered for your travel needs. You’ll have your choice of:

  • Turbo Prop Planes. With models able to transport up to eight passengers and the ability to land on some of the world’s most remote runways or even on water, turbo prop planes are the perfect economical choice for small parties.
  • Light Jets. If your current locale is less than 1,700 miles from Puerto Rico and you’re flying with six or eight other people, a light jet might be the right fit for you and your party.
  • Mid-Sized Jets. For those looking for more luxury and legroom for up to eight people, a mid-sized jet can easily accommodate.
  • Super Mid-Sized Jets. Flights of up to 4,500 nautical miles for as many as 10 people may be better suited to a super mid-sized jet.
  • Heavy Jets. Able to fly 5,000 miles without refueling, up to 13 people can get to Puerto Rico quickly and from quite a distance away in a heavy jet.
  • Charter Airliners. Despite limited landing options, charter airliners are the best option for large groups as well as those with very specific interior setup specifications.

No matter what your travel plans may entail, our trip support specialists will search the network of independently owned aircraft to find the right model to suit your needs. We’ll consider the size of your party, how far you’ll be traveling, where you’d like to land, and how quickly you need to get there among other aspects. Once we determine the best option for you, we’ll secure it so your private jet charter in Puerto Rico will be ready and waiting for you.

Ultimate Safety with Every Flight

Each plane we consider for charter flights in Puerto Rico is always under extensive scrutiny. We follow a list generated by ARGUS International before making our final choice. Only those approved by this leader in aviation safety are worthy of our clients, meaning they’re backed by up-to-date service and maintenance records and have no major damage in their pasts.

We also hold pilots to the most stringent standards, only choosing those with ARGUS Gold Certification for the flights we broker. To achieve this status, pilots must have extensive experience at the controls and no history of negative incidents on their records. You’ll have two of the best pilots in the industry manning your flight.

With top-of-the-line aircraft and top-notch pilots, you know you’ll be safe in the air when Stratos handles your private jet charter in Puerto Rico.

We Go Well Beyond Your Aircraft and Pilots

When you’re traveling, your flight in only one piece of the puzzle. Though it’s a piece we’re dedicated to fitting perfectly into place, we don’t stop there. Our trip support specialists have unrivaled experience and a broad range of connections, so they can handle virtually any detail you have in mind, including:

  • Ground Transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Business Meeting Facilities
  • Information about Local Events
  • Restaurant and Event Booking
  • Covering Special Medical Needs
  • Arranging for Flight Attendants to Be on Board if Needed

Bring all your requirements and expectations to us, and we’ll see to it they’re put into play. We’re here to cater to your needs, and we’ll put our in-depth knowledge to work for you. If you think of any details you might’ve overlooked at any time before your scheduled private charter flight in Puerto Rico, feel free to let us know. We’re committed to your satisfaction.

Far-Reaching Accreditations

At Stratos, we’re proud to be leaders in our field. As such, we’ve developed strong relationships with the most prominent organizations in the private jet charter industry. We’re members of:

  • The Air Charter Safety Foundation
  • The Air Charter Association of North America
  • The National Business Aviation Association

Aside from those memberships, we’re also:

  • Wyvern-approved
  • An ARGUS-Certified Broker

All these affiliations are a testament to our dedication to our clients. We’ve proven our commitment to best business practices as well as our thorough knowledge of our industry. We not only strictly adhere to the most stringent safety regulations in the field but have a hand in developing new standards by which the industry operates.

All of Puerto Rico is Yours

Puerto Rico calls to people on any number of levels. When you set foot on this incredible island filled with unparalleled landscapes and man-made wonders alike, you know you have endless possibilities at your fingertips. With a flight brokered by us, you’ll have access to a wide range of private airports in Puerto Rico, but some of our most sought-after landing and departure points are:

  • San Juan.  The city of San Juan is the oldest city on the island.  San Juan is also the capital of Puerto Rico.  Situated on the Northeast Coast, San Juan is an old port city that has been a major economic center for Puerto Rico.  Rich in history as well as culture, there are countless opportunities to explore the enchanted island.
  • Old San Juan. A narrow Island just off the coast of Puerto Rico near the city of San Juan.  Old San Juan is known as the first settlement in Puerto Rico and offers its visitors a unique travel experience.
  • Bayamon. As the most populous city on the island, Bayamon offers a wealth of exciting options, like Julio Enrique Monagas National Park for the nature lovers and Monte Frio Water Park for those looking for a thrill. Tropical Casino invites those who’d like to throw caution to the wind while the area’s unique dining and shopping experiences are open to everyone.
  • Mayaguez. This particular city is a significant business hub as well as home to UPRM, the Eugenio Maria de Hostos Law School, and the Pontiff Catholic University of Puerto Rico. Formal education melds with leisurely learning as you explore the city’s history, art, and agriculture on your own.
  • Aguadilla.  Local architecture and historic sites abound in Aguadilla, but the city also holds those white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean waves travelers crave. You could also visit the Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena, the only one of its kind in the Caribbean.
  • Rio Grande. Off-the-beaten-path beaches are a staple in Rio Grande, as is El Yunque National Forest. Rio Grande is also the famed site of the Trump International Golf Club PGA Tour’s annual Puerto Rico Open.

Whether you’re looking for an exotic adventure or planning to take advantage of an unfilled niche in the local market, you’ll find opportunities awaiting you. Browse our directory of private airports in Puerto Rico for more in-depth information.

When you’re ready to book your private charter flight in Puerto Rico, call us at (888) 593-9066 or contact us using the convenient forms on our website.

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