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Save money on private air travel by booking a deadhead or one-way jet charter. Our agents will analyze the air charter market to provide access to private jets with similar positioning needs as your flight itinerary.

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Private Jet Empty Legs

Please note that an empty leg is an unscheduled trip and can be a viable option even if it does not match your itinerary perfectly, since both times and destinations are flexible.

Aircrafts From To PAX Availability
119435 Challenger 300 LA CROSSE ST THOMAS IS. 8 12/13/2015
deadhead flight from CHICAGO (WHEELING) to KENDALLVILLE King Air 350 CHICAGO (WHEELING) KENDALLVILLE 9 12/01/2015
deadhead flight from TETERBORO to FT COLLINS Gulfstream G-150 TETERBORO FT COLLINS 7 12/13/2015
deadhead flight from VAN NUYS to OAKLAND Gulfstream III VAN NUYS OAKLAND 12 12/08/2015
deadhead flight from PALM SPRINGS to WAUKEGAN Falcon 900 EASy PALM SPRINGS WAUKEGAN 14 12/07/2015
deadhead flight from JACKSONVILLE to COLUMBIA Learjet 35A JACKSONVILLE COLUMBIA 8 12/06/2015
400XP-2 Hawker 400XP NAPA SCOTTSDALE 7 12/08/2015
Citation-Ultra-ext Citation Ultra SPOKANE SALT LAKE CITY 7 12/16/2015
deadhead flight from ISLIP to FT LAUDERDALE Legacy 600 ISLIP FT LAUDERDALE 13 12/06/2015
deadhead flight from MORRISVILLE to WATERBURY Pilatus PC 12/45 MORRISVILLE WATERBURY 8 12/02/2015
deadhead flight from DENVER to FT COLLINS Gulfstream G-150 DENVER FT COLLINS 7 12/04/2015
deadhead flight from MADISON to CHICAGO (WHEELING) Learjet 60 MADISON CHICAGO (WHEELING) 7 11/30/2015
deadhead flight from MILWAUKEE to CHICAGO King Air 350 MILWAUKEE CHICAGO 9 12/03/2015
23694 Hawker 1000 MINNEAPOLIS CHICAGO 9 12/07/2015
deadhead flight from FT LAUDERDALE to BARTOW Learjet 60 FT LAUDERDALE BARTOW 8 12/01/2015
119435 Challenger 300 WHITE PLAINS TRENTON 8 11/30/2015
deadhead flight from CHICAGO to MILWAUKEE King Air 350 CHICAGO MILWAUKEE 9 12/03/2015
deadhead flight from PUNTA CANA to PITTSBURGH Boeing 737-800 PUNTA CANA PITTSBURGH 168 12/01/2015
Hawker 800P Jet Charter Hawker 800XP TETERBORO ALLENTOWN 8 11/30/2015
deadhead flight from TETERBORO to VAN NUYS Gulfstream G-IV TETERBORO VAN NUYS 13 12/01/2015

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