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Save money on private air travel by booking a deadhead or one-way jet charter. Our agents will analyze the air charter market to provide access to private jets with similar positioning needs as your flight itinerary.

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Private Jet Empty Legs

Please note that an empty leg is an unscheduled trip and can be a viable option even if it does not match your itinerary perfectly, since both times and destinations are flexible.

Aircrafts From To PAX Availability
deadhead flight from PROVIDENCIALES IS. to MIAMI Sabreliner 65 PROVIDENCIALES IS. MIAMI 9 09/03/2015
Citation-XLS-Primary Citation XLS LOS ANGELES SAN LUIS OBISPO 9 09/10/2015
Falcon-50-Ext Falcon 50 WASHINGTON HAMILTON 0 09/04/2015
deadhead flight from MILWAUKEE to MINOCQUA Learjet 55 MILWAUKEE MINOCQUA 7 09/07/2015
deadhead flight from TETERBORO to WINDSOR LOCKS Global Express TETERBORO WINDSOR LOCKS 15 09/08/2015
Exterior-Citation-Encore Citation Encore TUCSON PALM SPRINGS 7 09/01/2015
deadhead flight from ST JOHN'S (ANTIGUA) to MEMPHIS Learjet 55 ST JOHN'S (ANTIGUA) MEMPHIS 7 09/02/2015
deadhead flight from LAS VEGAS to VAN NUYS King Air E90 LAS VEGAS VAN NUYS 7 09/02/2015
Exterior-Citation-Bravo Citation Bravo MONTEREY SANTA ANA 8 09/17/2015
deadhead flight from HOUSTON to OKLAHOMA CITY Learjet 35A HOUSTON OKLAHOMA CITY 8 09/01/2015
Exterior1 Eclipse 500 FRESNO NAPA 4 09/04/2015
Exterior-Citation-CJ2 Citation CJ2 SAN JOSE CAMARILLO 7 09/01/2015
deadhead flight from MIAMI to EAST HAMPTON Gulfstream G-V MIAMI EAST HAMPTON 12 09/05/2015
Private Jet Challenger 601 Challenger 601 WHITE PLAINS MIAMI 10 09/04/2015
deadhead flight from HOUSTON to NAPA IAI Astra SPX HOUSTON NAPA 8 09/01/2015
Exterior-Citation-Bravo Citation Bravo SANTA ANA TRUCKEE 8 09/02/2015
Exterior2-Citation-CJ3 Citation CJ3 LONG BEACH CARLSBAD 7 09/01/2015
deadhead flight from ROANOKE to BLUEFIELD Premier I ROANOKE BLUEFIELD 6 09/06/2015
deadhead flight from LOUISVILLE to PONTIAC Learjet 45XR LOUISVILLE PONTIAC 8 09/08/2015
148829 Citation Excel KEY LARGO ATLANTA 9 09/02/2015