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Save money on private air travel by booking a deadhead or one-way jet charter. Our agents will analyze the air charter market to provide access to private jets with similar positioning needs as your flight itinerary.

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Private Jet Empty Legs

Please note that an empty leg is an unscheduled trip and can be a viable option even if it does not match your itinerary perfectly, since both times and destinations are flexible.

Aircrafts From To PAX Availability
Exterior-Citation-CJ2 Citation CJ2 HAILEY ASPEN 7 10/08/2015
deadhead flight from CHICAGO to TETERBORO Falcon 20F-5 CHICAGO TETERBORO 8 10/15/2015
deadhead flight from TETERBORO to BURBANK Gulfstream G-650 TETERBORO BURBANK 14 10/10/2015
Charter a Hawker 900XP Hawker 900XP WASHINGTON BAR HARBOR 8 10/08/2015
23694 Hawker 1000 DUBUQUE MINNEAPOLIS 9 10/09/2015
deadhead flight from MIDLAND to TULSA Falcon 2000 MIDLAND TULSA 8 10/09/2015
deadhead flight from DALLAS to WACO Hawker 800XP DALLAS WACO 8 10/16/2015
400XP-2 Hawker 400XP TACOMA SCOTTSDALE 7 10/08/2015
deadhead flight from HONOLULU (OAHU IS) to LIHUE (KAUAI IS) Gulfstream G-IVSP HONOLULU (OAHU IS) LIHUE (KAUAI IS) 12 10/19/2015
deadhead flight from ATLANTA to WEST PALM BEACH Hawker 800XP ATLANTA WEST PALM BEACH 9 10/12/2015
deadhead flight from FARMINGDALE to BEDFORD Legacy 600 FARMINGDALE BEDFORD 13 10/09/2015
Falcon-7X Falcon 7X DALLAS PONTIAC 12 10/18/2015
deadhead flight from VAN NUYS to SAN DIEGO Gulfstream G-IVSP VAN NUYS SAN DIEGO 15 10/15/2015
deadhead flight from BEDFORD to TETERBORO Hawker 800XP BEDFORD TETERBORO 8 10/09/2015
deadhead flight from STUART to RUTLAND Learjet 40 STUART RUTLAND 6 10/19/2015
Exterior-Citation-CJ2 Citation CJ2 LOS ANGELES SAN LUIS OBISPO 7 10/23/2015
deadhead flight from AUSTIN to ARLINGTON Citation CJ2+ AUSTIN ARLINGTON 7 10/13/2015
deadhead flight from CHESTERFIELD to ATLANTA Hawker 700A CHESTERFIELD ATLANTA 8 10/15/2015
Charter a Hawker 900XP Hawker 900XP ROSWELL VAN NUYS 8 10/09/2015
deadhead flight from BRIDGEPORT to MORRISTOWN Gulfstream G-IV BRIDGEPORT MORRISTOWN 13 10/08/2015

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