Hawker 400XP – The Premiere Light Jet Charter

As any experienced air charter agent could tell you, the light jet category is fast becoming the world’s most popular type of business aircraft. Light jets offer air charter buyers a level of comfort and convenience that is comparable to the mid-size category without the high cost and expense. As a result, more charter flights are flown on light jets than on any other type of jet worldwide.

At Stratos Jet Charters, we have seen an increasing demand for light jet charters, especially on the Hawker 400/400XP light jet. The Hawker 400 aircraft has become a favorite aircraft choice because of the advantages it offers light jet charter flights. These advantages include a comfortable cabin, fast cruising speed and large availability for one-way and point-to-point pricing.

BeechJet 400 Jet charter

The Hawker 400XP is the Premiere Light Jet Charter

It would be impossible to describe the Hawker 400 without first talking about its interior. The spacious and luxurious 305 cubic feet of cabin space features plenty of stand-up room and seating for up to nine passengers. The cabin also features luxurious amenities such as reclining leather chairs and a fully enclosed lavatory. These features only serve to add to the charter aircraft’s desirability.

As for performance capabilities, the Hawker 400 lives up to its reputation as the fastest light jet in its class with an impressive cruising speed of 450 knots. At this airspeed, air charter flights from New York City to Miami on a Hawker 400 are easily accomplished in three hours or less. And since Hawker 400s are such popular aircraft, they are constantly in the sky, increasing one-way and point-to-point pricing availability for charter flights.

That’s not to say that the Hawker 400 doesn’t come with a few disadvantages and limitations. The aircraft has a smaller cargo capacity than most light jets and is not equipped to transport large amounts of luggage in its 46-cubic-foot-cargo space. When compared with the Citation Bravo’s 74 or the Lear 45s 65 cubic feet of cargo capacity, the Hawker 400 is not the most appropriate aircraft when carrying several suitcases or golf clubs.

Another disadvantage of the Hawker 400 is the jet’s reduced takeoff performance and higher fuel burn rate. The Hawker 400 climbs at a rate of a little more than 2,000 feet a minute. This limited climb rate can be a problem when trying to clear tall trees or mountainous terrain just after takeoff. In addition, the Hawker 400 has a higher fuel burn rate than most other light jet aircraft which increases the cost of private jet rental.

In the end, whether or not the Hawker 400 is the best light jet option for you depends on the specific needs of your flight. The best way to find the most appropriate aircraft for your jet charter flight is to contact a Stratos Jets air charter consultant. We can assist you in finding a safe and highly-maintained light jet that will add the most value to your air charter flight.