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Jet Card Membership

Frequent users of private aviation know that convenience and service defines their travel experience. They also know from experience, that using different private charter jet service providers compromises those key benefits. Companies with a dedicated air charter department consistently experience a greater level of convenience, service and reliability.  Owning a 25 hour Jet Card with Stratos, is like having an in house flight department.

Stratos 25 hour Jet Card

As a 25-Hour Stratos Jet Card Holder, you will gain the power to take control of your schedule and make the most of your time. You’ll have access to over 5,000 private jets, that can take you anywhere you need to go. All supported by a company committed to providing a superior customer experience on the safest most well maintained aircraft available.

The Stratos 25-Hour Jet Card is ideal for individuals and businesses that want the benefits of private aviation, without the hassle and expense of aircraft ownership. This program offers the benefits of private aircraft ownership with a very short-term commitment.

How Stratos 25-Hour Jet Card Works:

When the choice is no longer whether or not to fly privately, but rather how to do it, Stratos Jets is here to help provide the best solution for you.The simplicity that our fixed rate jet card brings to booking private air travel contributes to Stratos Jets renowned customer flying experience. You’ll no longer have quotes to review or invoices to pay. You simply let us know when and where you want to travel and we take care of the rest. Allowing you to maintain your focus on the important things in life; your family and your business.

Whether you choose to book your travel on-demand or to lock in your costs with the purchase of a 25-Hour Stratos Jet Card you’ll get the unwavering commitment to safety, service and reliability that only Stratos can provide. Click here for jet card pricing

  1. Our card provides 25 Hours of “occupied” flight time, within in a specific category of aircraft. This allows Stratos to provide you with the best suited aircraft for each given flight requirement.
  2. The Stratos 25-Hour Card provides guaranteed aircraft availability with as little as ten hours notice, allowing you to travel on your terms.

25-HourJet Card Benefits:

Predictability of your travel expenses: Rather than let market forces determine the cost of your charter flight, the 25-Hour Jet Card guarantees that your costs are fixed and predictable for the entire term of your contract. With one single, upfront payment, the Stratos 25-Hour Jet Card is the most cost-effective way to manage your travel expense. There are no ongoing membership fee, maintenance, crew or hangaring expenses to worry about. Just fly when you want to.

Guaranteed availability: Quite possibly the greatest perk of the Stratos 25-Hour Jet Card is guaranteed aircraft availability. With demand for charter aircraft nearing all-time highs, guaranteed availability ensures that you travel on your terms.

Eliminate positioning costs: With a Stratos 25-Hour Jet Card, you only pay for the time you are in the plane. By eliminating positioning costs, you are protected from market driven demand that often requires re-positioning an aircraft to your selected point of departure.

Exceptional service experience: Becoming a Stratos 25-Hour Jet Card Holder helps us to better understand your unique needs, while allowing us to continually improve your travel experience. Our 25-Hour Jet Card provides you with a team of air charter professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of safety, service and reliability for our card holders.