Every trip we arrange is an opportunity to share our expertise and passion for aviation

We strive to help clients enjoy outstanding jet charter travel experiences through every leg of their journey.

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The Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. Commitment

The founding vision of Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. is to provide an educational air charter service that allows consumers to make informed buying decisions. We exist to serve our clients, to be their educational resource, and to provide fair pricing and honest advice.

Our goal is to build long-term client relationships by continually representing their best interests.

A Leader in Private Aviation Since Day One

Stratos Jets leads the way in shifting the industry’s focus from existing profit margins to improving the customer experience. We’ve invested in technology and developed processes that allow for seamless and efficient coordination, for even the most complex itineraries, making our travel experience hassle-free.


In 2006, Joel Thomas, President of Stratos Jet Charters, recognized that the air charter brokerage industry neglected consumer interest and created unnecessary flying risks.


Stratos officially incorporated with the vision “to provide an air charter service that educates our clients and helps them to make informed buying decisions

Launched Offset your Jet Carbon Neutral Flight program with TerraPass


Developed an end to end Flight Management System known as Stratos FMS. Stratos FMS standardized the customer journey.

Expanded offices to Orlando Executive Airport and Launched Approved Air Carrier program


Joined the Air Charter Association of North America.

Made two strategic acquisitions and acquired both Select A Jet and Air Charter Access


Exceeded 20 Million in annual revenue.


Connected Stratos FMS with SalesForce.com

Departmentalized the roles of Sales, Flight Coordination and Accounting. Improving both the Customer and Vendor experience


Opened first Satellite office in Palm Beach

Joined the Air Charter Safety Foundation and expanded the scope of our Active Safety Management processes


Presented on behalf of Charter brokers at the Air Charter Safety Foundation Safety Annual Safety Symposium in Washington DC

Achieved ARGUS Certified Broker Status


Joel Thomas appointed as Chairman of the Air Charter Association of North America

Opened second Satellite office in Los Angeles


Rolled out the first On-demand Air Charter Marketplace connecting customers and air carriers. Providing assurance of fair market value and flawless flight coordination


Opened Satellite office in Charleston, SC

Acquired a company plane


Stratos Launched a fixed rate membership program


Launched IOS app. Enabling customers to access their customer portal and instantly book a private jet on their phone

Established Profit Sharing for team leaders to grow and manage their offices

Launched The Hangar – Stratos Branded Swag and Merchandise store

A Higher Purpose

Stratos Jet Charters was founded in 2006 with the goal of glorifying God in our work.

For nearly two decades, we have sought to raise the bar in the private aviation industry by honoring our relationships with our valued customers, our network of private jet operators, and each member of our team. Putting God first aligns our interests with those who we serve as well as those we trust to fly our clients.

Our business approach has earned us an excellent reputation that has grown primarily through word of mouth. We are extremely proud that our first-ever customer still flies with us and many of our clients have been flying with us for over 10 years.

If you’re looking for a private jet provider you can rely on, we invite you to soar higher with Stratos Jets. Learn more.

Private Jet Charter

As a full-service private jet charter company, the scope of our service is not limited to finding pricing for private jets and brokering on-demand charter flights. We provide due diligence through insights into each air carrier’s operational history along with the flight crew’s experience so that you know the background of the company and the pilots who will be flying you.

We ensure the proper planning and coordination of your flight and will quickly resolve unforeseen issues if things don’t go as planned. Experience the ultimate Stratos service, where our unwavering commitment to safety and customer satisfaction ensures a remarkable journey.

A Safety Program Certified by ARGUS to keep you safe

ARGUS Charter operator ratings are the most recognized and requested independent source of overall operator quality

Signed commitment to uphold BACA’s Code of Practice

BACA is recognized as the voice of the air charter industry by many official aviation bodies and government departments

Proof of specific requirements

This includes evaluation of financial health, agent education program, emergency response, and quality measures for vetting and approving carriers

Onsite Audit

This is performed once every two years, to prove their compliance with industry best practices and applicable regulations

Stratos Safety: Prioritizing Private Jet Safety

Routinely organizing over one thousand charter flights a year requires a robust safety program and reliable processes. Stratos has organized its workflows to incorporate air charter safety checks at every step.

Our in-house safety program begins with a full investigation into the air carrier’s legal authority to operate private jets for charter flights. We then review their DO-85 to validate which aircraft they have authority to operate and verify that the aircraft maintains adequate levels of insurance.

We also run an ARGUS CHEQ report to ensure that there are no accidents or incidents requiring enforcement. All this happens before we even present our customers with a quote.

Once an aircraft is selected and a private flight is booked, we ensure the aircraft and crew assigned meet our exceptionally high standards.

Learn more about Stratos Jets’ proactive approach to mitigating air charter risk.


Our Leadership

Joel Thomas still remembers the day he fell in love with aviation. His dad, who had just earned his private pilot’s license, picked Joel up from school, took him to the Orlando Executive Airport, and told him they were going for a burger—in the Bahamas. Soaring above the barrier islands in his dad’s 1960 V-tail Bonanza M35 for the first time, Joel was hooked.

After attending the University of Central Florida where he worked toward a finance degree, Joel went on to work as an investment advisor at a large investment firm. His passion for aviation led him back to the local airport where he spent so many boyhood summers, and to a chance encounter in which Joel’s dad hinted he would make a great jet charter broker.

In 2006, Joel founded Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. Since then, Joel has focused on guiding his company with a vision to always do what’s best for the customer, to help them make informed buying decisions, and to always recommend only the safest options. Through his advocacy for safety in the private jet charter services industry, he has served as president and chairman of the Air Charters Association of North America (ACANA), and Stratos was one of the first jet charter companies to become an ARGUS Certified Broker.

Joel has led Stratos toward a number of significant firsts. This includes the Marketplace platform that gives travelers unrivaled access to aircraft availability and quotes, and the SOAR program that combines the guaranteed availability of membership with the flexibility and savings of on-demand jet charters.

More than 15 years into the business and now with his own pilot’s license, Joel is still as passionate about flying and providing a private flying experience that raises the bar for safety, service, and client education.


Meet the Stratos Team

At Stratos, every trip we arrange is an opportunity to share our expertise and passion for aviation. We strive to help clients enjoy outstanding jet charter travel experiences through every leg of their journey.

With a deeply rooted culture of client education and safety, we’ve cultivated a team of knowledgeable experts that align with these values and goals.

As an industry-leading, ARGUS-certified jet charter broker that demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to clients and aircraft operators, we take pride in every charter flight we book. We can’t wait to show you the Stratos advantage and help you soar higher than ever before!

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