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Private and Business Aviation Industry Leadership

In 2006, Joel Thomas, President of Stratos Jet Charters, recognized that the air charter brokerage industry lacked a focus on consumer advocacy. Thomas believed that this lack of representation for air charter consumers created unnecessary financial and flying risks. With this in mind Thomas established Stratos Jet Charters.

Stratos Jets founding vision is to provide an air charter service that educates consumers and helps them to make informed buying decisions. We exist to serve our clients, to be their Joel A Thomaseducational resource and to provide fair pricing and honest advice. Our goal is to building long-term client relationships through continually representing their best interest.

Since our founding, Thomas and Stratos Jets have lead the way to shifting the industries focus to the customer experience. With the customer experience as the core focus of its business, Stratos has invested in infrastructure, developed processes that allows the seamless and efficient coordination, tracking and fulfillment of even the most complex itineraries.

While Stratos Jet Charters successfully established best practices that focused on their customers experience, Thomas believed that the Part 135 (Private Jet Charters) air charter brokerage industry lacked leadership. In 2010, Stratos Jet Charters was accepted as a member of the Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA). Primarily comprised of air charter brokers of Part 121 aircraft (Commercial Jet Charters), its organizational mission was to “enhance and foster the air charter industry by promoting best practices and professionalism, representing members collective regulatory interest and educating consumers about the benefits of private aviation.”

The following year (2011), Thomas sought a board position and was elected as the President of ACANA. His goal as was to expand ACANA’s leadership in best practices and professionalism into the private and business jet charter side of the air charter broker industry. During his term as President of ACANA, Thomas expanded membership of Part 135 air charter brokers and operators, helped to establish consumer education as the norm and worked to shift the industry from a customer-broker relationship towards the broker being a consumer advocate as an agent of the customer. Serving multiple terms, Mr. Thomas currently sits on the board of ACANA as its Chairman.

As an advocate for consumer education and air charter safety, Thomas has been called upon to represent the air charter brokerage industry on several occasions. Recently, in the spring of 2014, Thomas was asked to present on the role of the air charter broker in mitigating risk at the Air Charter Safety Foundations (ACSF) Aviation Safety Symposium held at the NTSB training facility in Washington DC. The 2013, Wyvern “Stand Out With Safety Conference” in Miami featured a discussion by Mr. Thomas and his view of Stratos Jets role in performing due-diligence when selecting the appropriate aircraft and air carrier in advance of every charter flight. In the fall of the previous year, Thomas was called upon to participate in and ACANA panel discussion held during the National Business Aviation Associations annual convention in Las Vegas.

In addition to industry events and organizational involvement, Thomas has been published in numerous articles. Including the Air Charter Journal, NATA’s Aviation Business Magazine and the Gallery Magazine.

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