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Charter Flights To The World’s Biggest Events

For the past 10 years, athletes, celebrities, the media and fans have trusted Stratos Jet Charters.  We coordinate charter flights on private jets, helicopters and even cargo to nearly all major national events.  We have the experience necessary to ensure a timely arrival and hassle-free transfer to your important event.

Things to Consider when Chartering a Private Jet to a High-traffic Event

When flying to any high-profile event such as the Masters Tournament or the Super Bowl, private jet travel dramatically increases.  To minimize the chance of a disappointment or an inconvenience, we recommend you plan your trip well in advance.
  • Charter Flight Planning:  Flying into a city that is hosting a major event can complicate trip planning.  Obtaining landing permits, crew visas and other items which normally take only a few days could be more challenging than usual.  By booking your private flights a few weeks in advance, we can avoid any unexpected issues
  • Airport Slots: Most airports that serve private jets don't require departure and arrival time slots. However, that changes when Air Traffic Control anticipates higher than average demand.  Unfortunately, most airports won't confirm airport slots or aircraft parking until close to the day of the event. We recommend that you book your charter flight and confirm your departure and arrival times at least three to four weeks prior to the event.  This will help ensure a smooth travel experience.
  • Aircraft Parking:  Due to the increased private jet traffic into the airport, aircraft parking becomes limited.  This means that it may not be possible for the aircraft to remain on the ground while you are attending the event.  Passengers should be prepared for additional charges for the aircraft to reposition to a nearby airport while you are in attendance.  This can further complicate the coordination of your departure after the event has ended.
  • Crew Duty Restrictions:  Pilots are required to conduct all flight related operations operations during the 14-hour period.  This includes positioning the aircraft to your departure location.  If your plan is to attend the event and return home in the same day, this can be a major consideration.  To avoid leaving an event early, pilots can "rest" for 10 consecutive hours before returning to duty.  Talk to you charter agent about options to ensure that you can attend the event on your time.
  • Hotels and Local Transport:  During any heavily attended event, availability for hotel rooms and ground transportation services becomes limited.  Often times, hotel rooms will require non-refundable deposits or may become non-cancellable.  Once you arrive at the airport, you rely on local ground service providers.  Stratos can help you arrange local transport, but as the day of the big event nears, be prepared for a lack of availability.

High profile events that we book private charter flights to:

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