Types of Private Jets in a Private Jet Fleet

Stratos Jet Charters clients are extended access to a worldwide network of thousands of aircraft, providing the flexibility to select the best jet to meet the individual needs of every flight.

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We know that every trip is unique and that there isn’t one jet that could satisfy your demands. That’s why we have cultivated a broad selection of different types of private jets; the different sizes of private jets are available to meet your travel experience expectations. But no matter the jet that makes sense for your trip, you can count on satisfying and consistent customer service from Stratos.  

For a more  in-depth look at which jet is best for you, please refer to our Aircraft Comparison Guide. Otherwise, check out the different types of private jets Stratos has to offer:

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Ultra Long-range Private Jet Charters


540 mph-704 mph

7,500-8055 miles mi


These types of luxury private jets are designed for long distances while offering fuel efficiency, passenger availability and comfort. 

Heavy Private Jet Charters


496 mph-652 mph

2589-4728 mi


Generally, heavy jets are defined by their spacious cabins, takeoff performance and range.

Super-midsize Private Jet Charters


513 mph-631 mph

3,400-4142 mi


A super-midsize jet offers cabin space and range that accommodate both short and long trips. 

Mid-sized Private Jet Charters


479 mph-552 mph

1823-3242 mi


Midsize private jets are one of the more common size options, offering enough space for a mid to large size family or group.

Super-light Private Jet Charters


486 mph-622 mph

1981-2357 mi


Super-light jets are ideal options for shorter trips for a small group of people. 

Light Private Jet


398 mph-532 mph

1264-2527 mi


Light private jets are great for travelers who want to get to their destination as quickly as possible. 

Very Light Jet Charter Flights


311-460 mph

1223-1550 mi


The very light jet charter is perfect for someone who’s traveling over short distances at shorter periods of time. 

Turboprop Private Jet


201 mph-461 mph

1088-3775 mi


A turboprop aircraft relies on a jet and propeller system and offers an efficient travel option for smaller groups.

Charter Airliner


385 mph-890 mph

1323-8000 mi


A charter airliner is ideal for transporting larger groups, such as a business collective or professional sports team.

Turboprop Airliner Charter Flights


163 mph-425 mph

460-1874 mi


Turboprop airliner charters offer short-to-medium range for medium to large groups.

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