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Round Trip One Way Multi-City
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Exterior View of Gulfstream G280 | Stratos Jets
Charter Gulfstream G280 Private Jet
Gulfstream G200 Interior



Max Payload

4,050 lb


Super Mid

Take off distance

4,750 ft



Climb rate

5,000 ft/min



Cruise speed

560 mph

Maximum range


Cruise altitude

45,000 ft

Gulfstream G280 Jet Charters

Gulfstream G280 private jet charters blend the best of range, speed and cabin comfort to provide luxury air travel.

Introduced in 2012, G280 private jet charters are the next evolution of the immensely successful Gulfstream G200. This super-midsize aircraft delivers the performance and luxury expected from Gulfstream Aerospace. Like the G200 before it, the G280 offers the most cabin space in its class, featuring a standard seating configuration for eight individual seats in a double-club configuration. This provides each passenger with plenty of personal space for a cross-country flight.

Given the Gulfstream 280’s class-leading range of 3,600 nm, passengers might want to catch some shuteye during long-haul journeys. This private jet accommodates that with bed space for up to five people.

With a cruising speed of 608 mph, the G280 is also exceptionally fast, making it a terrific choice for transcontinental and transoceanic itineraries. It’s ideal for arranging private jet charters from:

  • New York to Milan or Lima
  • London to Dubai or Montreal

In fact, you can fly from New York to Los Angeles in just five hours, or from Washington D.C. to Geneva in less than eight hours.

The G280 can climb directly to a cruise altitude of 43,000 feet in less than 23 minutes. Not only does this make it incredibly fuel-efficient, it also allows pilots to quickly rise above turbulence to provide a smooth ride.

Gulfstream G280 Private Jet Charters Offer State-of-the-Art Travel

Gulfstream made the G280 equally impressive in terms of cabin comfort. The standing-room cabin height of six feet, three inches is taller than any other super-midsize jet. Paired with spacious width and length, there is plenty of room for passengers to relax.

Other nice interior touches include:

  • 19 windows to allow natural light and provide great views
  • 100 per cent fresh-air circulation
  • Lower cabin pressure to ease breathing and reduce travel fatigue
  • Fully enclosed lavatory

The G280 also makes full use of available technology, incorporating an iPod touch to provide fingertip control to manage:

  • Temperature
  • Lighting
  • Monitors
  • Entertainment

Other technological touches include:

  • Satellite phone
  • High-speed Internet
  • Dual Blue-ray DVD players
  • High-definition monitors

GulfStream G280 Charter Rates (Per hour)

* Pricing is based on aircraft availability and the positioning requirements of the aircraft.

Gulfstream G280

Cabin configurations may vary

Aircraft Interior

Cabin height

6 ft

Cabin width

6.9 ft

Cabin Length

25.8 ft

Baggage Internal

154 cu ft

Passenger Seating


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