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Private Jet Medical Transport

Stratos Jet Charters’ medical air transport services are available throughout North America. As a broker of medically equipped private aircraft, our team can provide immediate access to a range of jets and turboprops that are staffed with highly qualified nurses and paramedics who can provide life saving care while in-flight. Medical air transport services we provide include:

  • 24-hour access to medical transport flights
  • Bedside-to-bedside care
  • Private aircraft configured with life support equipment and medications
  • Critical care medical staff on-board and by your side
  • Experienced flight coordinators ensure that you receive the care you need

Our highly trained med-flight coordinators understand that time is critical in the event of an urgent medical need. Our coordinators react quickly to arrange complete bedside-to-bedside care, while providing patients with constant access to medical professionals while in flight and during ground transportation.

The goal of our medical transport service is to reduce unnecessary stress for patients and their family members. Our passengers’ well-being and safety is always our top priority.

Specially Adapted Aircraft

Each aircraft we contract for medical flight transport is enrolled in our Approved Vendor Program to ensure safety. Approved aircraft cabins are designed to provide access for patients on stretchers and medical staff. Additionally, these aircraft are fully equipped with advanced life support equipment and stocked with medication.

Providing the Best Possible Care

Arranging a medical transport through Stratos Jets’ air medical flight services provides patients and their families with peace of mind, knowing that they are receiving the best care possible. By working with multiple air carriers, we ensure great service at the most competitive price. For passengers who don’t need medical care while in flight, but are considering taking a wheelchair on a plane, or those who require supplemental oxygen, a private jet charter may be a more appropriate option.

How to Book Private Jet Medical Transport

When an urgent medical situation arises, every second counts. If you require medical air transport, your first step should be to contact one of our air charter specialists to arrange your flight. The more information you can provide about the patient’s condition, the better we can prepare, including:

  • Medical record and nature of illness
  • Contact information for the doctor at the initial treating hospital
  • Contact information for the assigned doctor at the receiving hospital

This will allow traveling medical staff to remain in communication with the treating doctor, while simultaneously informing the receiving medical staff of any updates to the patient’s condition while flying aboard a medical jet transport.

For more information about Stratos Jets and our medical air transport services, contact us today at 888.478.7286.

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