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Medical Emergency Flights & Evacuations

When it comes to booking emergency flights, time is always of the essence. As an on-demand air charter specialist, Stratos Jets has the skill and resources to arrange a private charter for many situations, including:

  • Medical emergency flights
  • Family emergency flights
  • Natural disasters
  • Humanitarian relief
  • Security threats

We have access to an extensive network of private charter planes, which allows us to coordinate emergency flights and evacuations anywhere in the world, and for any number of passengers, often with just four hour’s notice. Oftentimes, when a major event happens, such as a natural disaster, people fleeing the area flock to major airports. Not only does this cause havoc and congestion at the airport, it can also lead to flight delays and cancellations. Alternatively, by booking emergency flights home with a charter broker, you’ll often have access to a wider range of airports, which means you can:

  • Avoid turmoil at major airports
  • Enjoy a more timely evacuation
  • Reduce the risk of flight delays

While there’s really no such thing as cheap emergency flights, there are ways to keep costs to a minimum. For instance, if there are other people in the same emergency situation as you, ask if they want to share the cost of a charter flight.

When you charter a plane, you have access to the whole cabin,not just a seat, so make use of it. If you can find enough people, or you’re part of a large group, you can further reduce the cost by booking group charter flights aboard a larger aircraft.

Also, instead of booking emergency flights home, fly to the closest airport or country that isn’t affected by the emergency situation. Charter flight prices are largely based on flight time, so once you’re safe and out of harm’s way, you can begin to plan alternate transportation.

When disaster strikes, anyone’s first thoughts are, We need to get out. We need to get out now. Fortunately, emergency flights and evacuation flights by private jet often make it possible for you to get to a safe place quickly.

Where main roads clog within minutes and international airports become barraged or closed in the face of natural disasters and civil unrest, private jet travel offers a nimble, reliable solution: emergency flights by private jet can access smaller regional airports that aren’t being flooded by passengers, and evacuation flights can be arranged at incredible speed.

1. Emergency flights on private jets can take off within a few hours

Typically, our jet charter brokers work with air carriers to arrange last-minute flights for take off in as little as four hours from the time you call. Sometimes, with all hands on deck during disasters, we can increase that time. Either way, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t be able to step onto a commercial flight in four hours, and at a smaller airport, you don’t have to worry about spending as much time getting through check-in and security. Sometimes, you can pull into the hangar and park right beside your private jet. It’s also more common for major international airports to close first, while some smaller airports away from the activity are able to stay open.

2. You can then be in a safe place an hour after takeoff

Private Jet Charter for kids Let’s say there’s a hurricane on its way to the coastal city you’re visiting, and all you want in the world is for your family to get on safe, solid ground, far from the ocean and the hurricane’s path. Remember that you don’t have to take an emergency flight by private jet all the way home. You can simply fly to the nearest destination that’s safe with available airspace. If you’re abroad, that might be a country you can reach in as little as an hour. If you’re in the US, there’s a good chance you can get to a safe major city in about the same time if you don’t want to fly all the way home if that means traveling across the entire country. Rest assured that even in emergency conditions, jet charter brokers like Stratos still only uses preferred vendors that adhere to our strict safety standards—the strictest in the industry.

3. Emergency flights are more affordable than you might think

Remember that with private jets, you’re booking the aircraft, not a seat. So whatever your quote is, divide that by the number of people you can fit on the plane to get get a better sense of the value per person, but also keep in mind the value of having a fast, safe, reliable air travel solution available on short notice in an emergency.

If you happen to be alone or with just a few other people, you might be able to fill the jet by asking people around you (at a hotel if you’re traveling, or friends and neighbors if you’re at home) if they want to join you and contribute to the cost.

To learn more, read our page How Much Does a Private Jet Cost?  Our jet charter brokers are also able to accommodate large group jet charters for parties of 19 or more. Are you or someone you know facing a disaster? At Stratos Jet Charters, our team is experienced at organizing emergency flights and evacuation flights in even the most extreme conditions. Trust our agents to secure the most reliable operators on short notice to get you to safety quickly.

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