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It isn't just the peace of mind knowing jet charter experts are helping you make the most informed travel decisions and expanding your margin of safety. It's also about getting to where you want to go with ease.

The private jet charter flights we arrange help professionals and families get to and from some of the most popular travel destinations - and to many with little or no airline service. Wherever you want to go, we're here to help get you there with unmatched aircraft selection and safety, and exceptional service.

Stratos Jet Charter - Industry Leaders for More than a Decade

Here are just some of the reasons why clients book their private jet charter flights through Stratos time and again, year after year:

Exceptional safety standards

We're committed to your safety above all else. We're one of few jet charter brokers that are ARGUS-certified and Wyvern-approved, demonstrating we adhere to the strictest standards. We also leverage relationships with only the most reputable carriers and an in-hourse due diligance vendor approval program to recommend only the best.



The height of outstanding travel organization

Access all your travel plans at any time, make updates and requests to your passengers or ground services, and lean on our trip support team to take care of the details once your agent books your flight.

The best insights and value

With proprietary real-time positioning software, you enjoy efficient pricing, access to empty leg flights and more.

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