How much does a private jet charter from Ankara to Istanbul cost?

Typically a private jet charter from Ankara to Istanbul costs about $5,200. The charter cost depends on several variables, such as the size of the jet and any extra concierge services requested. A small group could book a 5-passenger Beechcraft King Air 90 turboprop. This efficient aircraft may be smaller than its jet-engine cousins but doesn’t skimp on comfort. You can relax in the cozy leather seats as the King Air 90 whisks you along at a respectable 260 miles per hour. However, if have a larger group, or prefer more cabin space, we suggest the 9-seat Gulfstream G280 super-midsize jet. A flight on a jet of this caliber costs in the neighborhood of $16,900.

Esenboga - Ataturk
Aircraft Type Small Jet Medium Jet Heavy Jet Turbo Prop
Estimated Price $9,831 - $10,866 $14,056 - $15,536 $24,240 - $26,792 $5,302 - $5,860
Fuel Stop - - - -
Flight Duration 1.65 hrs 1.65 hrs 1.65 hrs 1.65 hrs

How long does a private flight between Ankara and Istanbul take?

The distance between Ankara Esenboga airport and Istanbul Ataturk is 227 miles, which means it’s a short flight regardless of the size of your charter aircraft. A small group in a turboprop can expect an hour and a half of flight time. A larger jet can cover the journey in slightly less time than that. However, the time savings of using a private air charter over a commercial flight are significant. Commercial airlines require that you line up for tickets and security checks, even for a smaller flight. A large part of your time will be spent wading through a queue or waiting in a lounge with other travelers. The private jet charter experience is much more streamlined. You arrive about half an hour before your departure time, go through a quick security screening, and board your aircraft. It puts time on your side again.

Aircraft Type Distance in ML Distance in KM Duration
Small Jet 227 365 1.65 hr
Medium Jet 227 365 1.65 hr
Heavy Jet 227 365 1.65 hr

Recommended private jets for your charter flight from Esenboga to Ataturk

Private jet airports near Esenboga and Ataturk

Esenboga Area Airports

Located about half an hour north of Ankara city center, Esenboga International Airport has been serving the capital since 1955. It is a full-service airport with multiple lounges, Wi-Fi, easy car rental and limo services, and all the amenities discerning travelers expect. Esenboga’s runways can also handle private jets of any size.

Ataturk Area Airports

As a trade route, Istanbul has been welcoming visitors for millennia. Air travelers now arrive at Istanbul Airport, about 45 minutes from the city center. Inaugurated in October 2018, this extraordinary new facility handles all the passenger traffic once bound for the old Ataturk airport. It’s an efficient, modern gateway to an ancient city.

Empty leg flights from Ankara to Istanbul

Frequently, Stratos jet charters are booked for one-way on-demand flights. If that aircraft is then needed at another location for a new mission, the operator can fly it without passengers, or offer potential passengers an Empty Leg discount. In those situations, passengers with a flexible itinerary and an eye for a bargain can usually book a private jet charter for less than it would cost to book a first-class commercial flight. Travelers get all the luxury perks of private jet travel at fraction of the cost. It’s the perfect way to enjoy all the benefits of private flight at a fraction of the original cost.

Empty Leg Flight Available Dates Aircraft Type Aircraft Class Trip Price
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Ground services in Ankara and Istanbul

The air-travel logistics are only one segment of your Turkish travel plan. Ground transportation and accommodations are just as important to smooth travels. We employ a concierge team of Trip Support experts who can take care of all the details for you. If you need special meals on your flight or need special services for a mobility-impaired passenger, our Trip Support team can help. We can also help you find a reputable limo service, and book your hotel room in Istanbul. We know our passengers expect excellent service, and we are dedicated to making your Istanbul experience safe, pleasurable, and worry-free. We look forward to showing you how Stratos Jet Charters can exceed your travel expectations.

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