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We were created to educate our clients about the process and cost of private jet travel so they can make better, more informed buying decisions.

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The Vision of Stratos Jet Charters is to Soar Higher.

We were created to provide an air charter service that educates our clients and helps them understand the cost of private jet travel, and to make informed buying decisions. Serving our clients as their educational resource, providing fair pricing, honest advice and continually representing their best interest is how we build long-term relationships.

Our vision is our purpose and it is why we exist. It is literally the lifeblood of Stratos Jets.

The air charter marketplace is hyper-competitive. With countless alternatives only a click away, we know that we’ll never have a price advantage on the cost of private jet travel.

Our competitive battleground is the customer experience. It is why our focus has been and will always be to develop a strong culture, oriented around education and delivering a superior costumer experience that can’t be copied. Our job is not to sell air charter, but to fulfill our vision with every interaction. The key to fulfilling our vision is to SERVE.

Everyday, we take this message to the marketplace and we strive to make our vision become a reality. Our clients are continually assessing our knowledge base and our value potential. Every conversation we have, brings with it the opportunity and the responsibility to provide value through the fulfillment of our vision. The greater value we provide, the more clients we will serve.

This approach towards doing business has guided our company to achieve prominence as a leader in the air charter industry and has afforded us the recognition of the most reputable of our industry peers. In 2010, Stratos was invited to join the Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA), an industry ethics, best practices and professionalism organization. Stratos has been given the honor to serve ACANA’s membership by being nominated and elected to serve multiple terms on its board. We have voluntarily opened our books and business practices to Aviation Research Group (ARGUS), to Dunn and Brad Street and we invite our clients to anonymously give feedback to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

To fulfill our vision, Stratos has invested heavily in infrastructure, including key personnel and technology, that allow us to consistently deliver the greatest customer experience each time our clients book a private flight.

We look forward to demonstrating how you can SOAR HIGHER with Stratos Jet Charters.

Here's what some of our clients say:

Best Private Jet Company

For our far flung family, Stratos has been a consistently dependable, and cost conscious alternative to fractional and no-minimum jet programs. For us, safety is number one and cost is number two… Stratos has excelled in both areas. Their response to requests is always prompt and personal.  It is a pleasure working with Stratos.

Charles D.

Stratos Client - Male

The only glitch was the catering from New Orleans to Las Vegas. I don’t know how you could correct the issue, but we didn’t receive exactly what we ordered — plus, they did not provide us with utensils, plates and napkins.

David C.

Stratos Client - Male

Passenger stated that the jet’s interior was shoddy and showed that the jet wasn’t well taken care of. Said crew was nice. Stated no coffee available although I had specified de-caf to be provided and followed that up with company client services requesting same.

Dave P.

Great service. Responsive and thorough.

Kevin D.

Stratos Client - Male

I think you are doing everything I could think of. I feel very comfortable and safe.

Jan L.

Stratos Client - Male

Garret has provided excellent service and is attentive and easy to work with. The pilots on this trip were EXCEPTIONAL at dealing with our needs and providing service with the passengers needs and schedule. Very high compliments to the whole team for this flight.

Jeff R.

Reliable air charter company

You can not improve on perfect !!

Peter E.

Stratos Client - Male

Our passengers wish to extend a sincere thanks to your staff. We however advise that you do not have permission to use Michael’s name in their advertising or promotional material as to be endorsing your product.
Thank you again. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Robert L.

Private Jet Customers

Your company really cares about it’s customer and made us feel so comfortable and confident. I would recommend your service to others.

Jack G.

Stratos Client - Male

You did great. Garett was great, ground transportation was clean, easy and on-time and seamless. It was a good trip and I have already asked for another quote. Don’t know if I will use it depending upon cost as this next one is purely personal. But I would like to.

Dave R.

As a several time repeat customer, I highly recommend Stratos!

Don S.

Stratos Client - Female

We prefer to finalize our itinerary, plane and crew at least a week in advance. We did not get things completely final until the day of the actual flight. Secondly, we prefer to pay post-flight rather than pre-flight. You were able to make an exception in our case which was appreciated. Lastly, the quality of the catering service from STT was atrocious. It was inedible.

Beverly B.

Stratos Client - Male

Your service was very professional as was the a/c and crew.

David M.

Stratos Client - Male

The Executive Car Service setup was a TOTAL disaster and almost ruined my trip. Chris Fink is awesome, but this man in Jersey was an absolute disgrace. Very disappointed with that firm.

The crew stellar. Better than outstanding. I was blessed to have them transporting me on thus very important day trip.

Chris’ follow-up and communication was outstanding. He is Top-Notch.

Ted T.

Customer Testimonial - Terri Myers

I was the Charter Director for MOB and BFM for years and now in Accounting….hands down,  your organization is THE BEST in the market.  From the aircraft you recommend, to the pilots, accounting, and especially sweet Daryl!  All awesome.

I am certain you all will be hearing from us soon.

Terri M.

Stratos Client - Male

Ricky takes care of everything, and I honestly like dealing only with him every time I call. Very hard working and goes over and beyond for me.

Daniel S.

Great Job!!! My first time booking with Stratos Jets and from my initial contact with the company to landing at my destination, the experience working with this company was flawless. I’ll definitely recommend and book with this company again. Thank you.

David B.

Testimonial Private Jet Customer

Professionalism and attention to detail come to mind when working with Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. From initial engagement to the jets to take off – they didn’t miss a beat. My Employer is extremely concerned with privacy and professionalism and Stratos Jet Charters did not disappoint.

Liz T.

We can’t speak highly enough of our experience with Stratus Jet Charters. From start to finish they were very professional, responsive and caring. We look forward to the opportunity of using Stratos Jet Charters for our next adventure.

Dr. T

We have been using Stratos for a couple of years now and appreciate their dedication to using only the safest charter operators. Just completed the front end of a back to back for the Christmas Holiday.

Rick H.

Stratos Client - Male

This charter was a wonderful experience, from Will’s handling of details at Stratos to a great piece of equipment and a top notch crew. I can’t speak highly enough of Leo and Craig. I have spent a lot of time on mid-size aircraft, and this crew would rate at the very top of all I’ve met.

Please extend our sincere thanks to Will, Leo, and Craig.

Richard S.

Stratos Client - Female

“Stratos continues to exceed my expectations! “

Valerie W.

As a part 135 operator, I have been doing business with Stratos Jets since it was founded by Joel Thomas in 2006. Since the first trip I could tell they were a different type of Jet brokerage. Joel and his team of aviation advisors have always conducted themselves with the highest of standards and partnered with platinum operators like us to give their customers a luxurious private jet experience. Thank you for a decade of partnership and excellence.

Thank you for your friendship!

Rich Brennan
VP of Sales

Rich B.

Kerry absolutely gets an A+ in customer service. Very well run jet service company.

Judy M.

Great charter flight with Stratos. They went the extra effort to ensure we had a comfortable jet with the highest safety standard.

Peter Hertel

Stratos Client - Female

Our VP’s had a wonderful trip and great experience. Your staff is professional, welcoming, easy to work with and I look forward to working with them again. Thank you!

Kim L.

Stratos Client - Male


Joseph M.

Stratos continues to exceed my expectations!

Valerie W.

Stratos Client - Male

There is no way to improve on what Garett did for us in our time of personal tragedy. He responded with excellence, compassion, thoroughness etc. He went over and above for an absolute stranger in tremendous need. I can’t say enough about the job he did. God bless Garett!!!

Steve B.

Stratos Client - Male

Peace of mind!!! My family and I just completed our first charter on a private jet with Stratos. My wife and I have been on a few of our friend’s charters before and I fly regularly on my company’s aircraft but this was the first charter of our own. Stratos and specifically Joel Thomas made my wife and I feel that we were in great hands throughout the planning, selection and ultimately flight process. Family loved it!!! Great experience.

Justin M.

We were on a commercial flight from Detroit to Salt Lake City when part way into our flight we got notification from Delta app that our delay was going to cause us to miss our connection. We were on a long weekend for MLK to go skiing in Lake Tahoe. We were going to be rescheduled the following day, thus missing half of our vacation. I had email only, and emailed Garett asking if they had an operator in SLC who could get us to Tahoe that evening. Within 20 minutes he came back with two quotes. By the time we landed he had set up the flight, emailed me the number to the shuttle to get from Delta terminal to the private terminal, and did it all for a great price. To throw things off even more, we were set to fly to Tahoe, but Delta somehow got our bags on the flight to Reno that they said we couldn’t make. So at the last minute we changed from Tahoe to Reno for a destination. By the time we took the shuttle to the FBO our flight plan was set and we took off within 10 minutes. It could not have been more seamless. It literally saved our vacation. Time is the most precious resource we have and time with family is even more precious. Our daughter is a senior and this is one of the last trips we’ll have with her; it meant a lot, and Stratos savings our vacation, allowing us to create memories, means all that much more. Thank you!! Dave

David R.

Everything was first class even though we not only left one of our bags on the plane but lost a wallet on the return trip (not on the plane), Matt Machokas was very helpful in assisting us in helping to resolve our problems. All pilots were great. Matt also arranged a flight for us because of a date issue I made with the return flight. He assisted in finding another plane to be sent so that we did not have to wait another day.

Judith P.

Great experience with Stratos Jet Charters! Superior knowledge and outstanding customer service! Went above and beyond to make sure our flight was perfect. Highly recommended for anything from a short turboprop trip, to a transcontinental flight.

Kimberly S.

I wasn’t able to do the survey that is being done by google as I don’t have a google email and don’t want to set up another email account to be spammed to death.

However, if I could have done the survey, I would have given Stratos Jets very high remarks and the reason would be because of the dealings I have with Kerry Hill.  As I believe I told you when we met at the S&D last year, Kerry is the best and most considerate person I have ever dealt with from a Charter company.  Not only her flight following in which she keeps me posted on everything from beginning to end but also her attention to all the other details for the reservation such as needs of transportation for passengers, insuring that the catering is ordered and delivered.  She takes a lot of the weight and stress of my shoulders.  If ever I have a question, she is quick to get me the answers I need.

In my opinion, she is a very valuable asset to your company.

Cathy L.

Stratos Client - Male

The Stratos team has always been highly professional, accommodating and easy to work with to plan and execute our trips. Additionally, their commitment to safety and utilizing experienced crew members puts us at ease to know every trip we book is not only enjoyable but very safe. Couldn’t recommend them more!

Ted S.

Stratos Client - Female

Our VP’s had a wonderful trip and great experience. Your staff is professional, welcoming, easy to work with and I look forward to working with them again. Thank you!

Kim L.

Stratos Client - Male

I booked a flight for my good clients and amazing service from pre departure to arrival. Friendly staff and always easy to reach. My clients left sunglasses in the plane and they are already on their way. I will use you for sure again.

Thanks again.

John N.

First class travel
Stratos Client - Female

Garrett is fantastic to work with. He is kind, responsive and you can tell he really cares about his customers. I worked with a different company on our way to our destination because Garrett could not find a plane. The agent at that company did not compare favorably to Garrett. I would highly recommend Garrett.

Angie M.

I do not use google sign in re survey
Let me simply say Ms Hill was outstanding every step of the way as was the service at Dolphin Sun night
Thank you
Jim W.
Charter flight Omaha to Sarasota Mar 12

Jim W.

Stratos Client - Female

THANK YOU STRATOS!! I have been working with Stratos Jet Charters for almost 3 years now & could not be happier with the services they provide! Working with me on many last minute changes, they are always quick & efficient, extremely professional, genuinely honest & immensely knowledgeable of all products and services they offer. They truly look out for the best interests of their clients. I trust them to always guide me in making the appropriate aircraft choices for our company. I find the ENTIRE team to be THE BEST in the charter aircraft business!!

Sarah M.

Stratos takes the complicated process of private air charter and makes it simple. They have helped me through the process and Joel even turned down my offer for purchasing a Pre-paid Jet card because he advised that it would not be a good fit for my home airport and family lifestyle. I shortly became a client after that because that experience was indicative of the company’s overall honesty and great ethos.

We have Chartered with Joel on multiple occasions and always get the the 3Gs of private air travel – Great Safety, Great Plane & Great Price.

Stratos is a great company and they put your safety 1st and make the process easy. You can text or call them at anytime and their response time is amazing. You truly feel special. Flying on chartered planes is something we really value and keep very personal and discrete. Joel assists us in keeping the experience special and within our schedule and budget.

I recommend Stratos to friends who have jet cards, fractional ownership and 1st timers alike. If you are considering charter, the 1st call to make is to Stratos. They never pressure you and value the relationship. I can not say enough about this team – A great experience!

Matteo G.

Our company uses Stratos, we work directly with Kerry, she and everyone else have always been extremely helpful and manage our flights and requests with no problem! They respond friendly, quickly and we have no interest in ever switching companies. Highly recommended! Extremely happy clients!

Dani F.

Service was incredible. Joel and Stratos was fantastic. Had a delayed special occasion and they went out of their way to make everything perfect. It was a surprise trip and could not have been easier to work with and very helpful in getting all arrangements made for in-flight. Beyond a 5 star. Thank you all for making a special trip a truly MEMORABLE one for us!!!

Brian H.

I have dealt with Stratos Jet for the past 10 years
Always great response and outstanding service
Highly recommend them for any charter service you may need

Eddie D.

Stratos Client - Female

Ricky was awesome and everything went smoothly. I will certainly use your services again should a need arise. Thank you for everything!

Vicki B.

Kevin is great to work with. I’ll call him again.
the aircraft crew were great.

Thank you for making this trip so easy for us.

Christina H.

Air Charter Safety

Air Charter Safety

Obsessively expanding your margin of safety through research, education and planning.

Air Charter Safety
Complete Service

Complete Service

We exist to serve and are driven by a passion for excellence. Your satisfaction fuels our relentless pursuit to deliver the greatest customer flying experience.

Complete Service
Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Our company president is often called upon to represent the air charter broker industry. He's spoken at the Stand Out with Safety Conference and the Air Charter Safety Foundation's "Aviation Safety Symposium." He has also served on the board of the Air Charter Association of North America.

Our Leadership


Our flexible air charter service provides access to countless private jets. To help our clients budget for the cost or private jet travel, we offer fixed-rate pricing, on-demand pricing, as well as discounted pricing on empty leg flights.

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