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Why choose Stratos Jet Charters?

When Stratos was founded in 2006, we challenged ourselves to build a better jet charter company. Since that day, our focus has been to deliver an exceptional customer experience through education, personal relationships, and customer advocacy.

Here’s how Stratos has continued to meet that challenge while providing clients with exceptional jet charter experiences.

We focus on client education & safety and provide a proactive approach prior to booking

Stratos Jets serves as an agent for air charter. We don’t own or operate any aircraft and that is actually our competitive advantage. Because we don’t own or operate aircraft, we avoid any potential conflict of interest and are able to recommend the appropriate aircraft and air carrier every time.

Each time you rent a private jet, there is an element of risk involved. We mitigate that risk by promoting a culture of air charter safety throughout our entire organization, right down to our operational processes. Through our Approved Vendor Program, we screen every operator in our network to ensure they have the appropriate experience and track record to perform flights safely.
These standards are based on some of the most rigorous standards in the industry. We’ve made them this stringent because we want to provide air charter buyers with an unparalleled air charter experience and a high level of air charter safety.

We care deeply about educating our clients, providing fair pricing and honest advice. We believe that inviting our clients into the aircraft and air carrier selection process expands the margin of safety. By providing transparency into the operational history of each air carrier and sharing insights into aircraft appropriateness based on its performance capabilities, we help our clients make an informed buying decision. Because of this, we have earned the endorsement of ARGUS, the world leader in aviation safety.

We invest in personnel to support the customer journey

We have developed a team of trip coordinators that focus solely on ensuring the proper coordination and organization of every flight booked. Our Trip Support team has clearly-defined and well-established processes that are designed to ensure safety, catch any errors that may affect schedules and itineraries, and provide customers with the high attention to detail that our clients expect when chartering a private flight.

At other charter companies, the sales person is responsible for aircraft sourcing and trip coordination. This can lead to errors and reduced customer support. We created our Trip Support team to support our private flight advisors, so we can consistently deliver the best possible travel experience.
Our Trip Support team is responsible for the coordination and organization of each flight booked. They also ensure all the safety elements are in place. Before a flight is booked, they:

  • Ensure the carrier is fully compliant with Part 135 Regulations and has no major enforcement actions being held against them
  • Run a safety audit on the operational history of the air carrier being hired
  • Verify that the aircraft is being operated legally, that it is airworthy and maintained to exemplary standards
  • Confirm that the aircraft liability insurance is active and adequate for the passengers
  • Review the backgrounds of the key personnel managing the air carrier
  • Audit the crew for experience that has been assigned to the flight

By performing these steps every single time a charter is booked, we know we’ve fulfilled our role of providing the safest air charter possible and have provided our clients with a truly white-glove experience.

We provide access to the best technology in the industry

Not only do we hire the best talent available, we also invest in technology to deliver industry-leading customer service. Our technology platform offers several critical advantages:

  • Search and request flights – browse and submit travel itineraries 24/7
  • Explore empty leg charters – automatically get notified of empty legs departing from your preferred cities
  • View upcoming itinerary – review and share your trip details with others
  • Access your flight history – see a record of your previous trips and flight requests
  • Receive exclusive invites from our partners – our special resort incentives become yours

The proprietary technology our team leverages have been designed to eliminate transcription error between our clients requirements and the air carriers scheduling system. This ensures the proper coordination and organization of every trip we manage—allowing us to departmentalize tasks and deliver a high-touch customer experience in every phase of your flight. This not only guarantees a consistent customer experience, but also simplifies the process for the air carrier and any third-party service providers.

Our process results in the proper organization of every charter flight, every time. If your current broker hasn’t invested in both human and technological infrastructure, they’re likely not invested in crafting a seamless travel experience.

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We’re committed to aviation excellence

At Stratos, we know the value of a well-trained team. It’s why we only hire team members with a passion for excellence in the aviation industry. Every trip we arrange is an opportunity to pass along our expertise and passion, so to ensure our clients enjoy an outstanding jet charter travel experience, we’re committed to investing in our team in every way possible

Our Stratos private flight advisors receive:

  • A personalized opportunity for growth
  • Access to the latest innovative aviation technology
  • On-going training and support to help achieve professional goals

By providing our team with a complete toolkit and the skills they need to excel in their position, they can help our clients soar higher with a first-class jet charter experience not found anywhere else.

We leverage our strong industry relationships to benefit clients

Not all brokers are created equally, and the same can be said for air carriers. Through any given broker, a client gains access to that broker’s network of air carriers. It’s important to note that the industry-leading air carriers are really selective of which brokers they choose to do business with. However, a broker with the right partnerships can provide consumers with incredible value.

At Stratos, we believe that true value lies in the strength of the relationship between the broker and the air carrier. Though different brokers can access the same carriers, we believe that the stronger the relationship between the two, the better the value and customer experience. These relationships are built through long-term mutually beneficial partnerships, providing years of business, millions of dollars of revenue, and working together to resolve conflicts.

We’ve developed strong relationships with the world’s most reputable air carriers over the past 15 years, and by leveraging our buying power along with the relationships we’ve forged over the years, our clients reap the benefits. These partnerships also give our clients access to any size or type of private plane with as little as four hours’ notice.

These specially curated and nurtured relationships are what set Stratos apart from the other brokers and makes us unique in a saturated market. It’s just one more way we deliver exceptional service to Stratos clients.

We maintain our own insurance coverage

The best insurance against the risk of flying is to select an aircraft operated by an air carrier with a long established record of safety. A common theme among the most reputable air carriers is high levels of liability insurance, which Stratos requires of any air carrier providing air charter service for our clients.

In addition to the high minimum liability insurance Stratos requires of our air carriers, we also maintain our own $10 million non-owned liability policy. We do this to provide our clients with added protection so they can soar higher while enjoying peace of mind.

As Joel Thomas, president and CEO of Stratos Jet Charters, once said, “The best insurance is through a proactive approach to safety, and we take every precaution possible to ensure a safe flight every time our clients fly. We don’t like to think about the value that our insurance policy provides, but we do know one thing about insurance — it is better to have it and not need it than the other way around.”

We plan ahead for when things don’t go as planned

We know that we may find a bump in the tarmac on occasion. After all, our role is to coordinate our clients’ jet charter services, but it’s up to the contract vendors to execute them. To reduce the likelihood of an event like this happening, we’ve developed strong working relationships with a network of the best industry partners around.

However, if a service provider fails to fulfill its responsibilities as expected, we will always advocate on our clients’ behalf to ensure that a fair resolution is reached. At Stratos, we’re in our clients’ corner every step of the way.

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