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For more than a decade, Stratos Jet Charters has been delivering consistently outstanding on-demand jet charter service across the United States and around the world. Our unmatched safety standards, aircraft expertise and our commitment to exceptional service have made us the jet charter broker of choice for some of North America's most discerning travelers.

Safety First

Step onto that jet knowing everything has been done to ensure the safest flight. Our approved aircraft vendors meet the strictest standards in the jet charter industry.
  • Critical safety checks on every aircraft, every flight
  • Trusted and screened aircraft operators
  • Air charter safety Due Diligence Program®

A Name You Can Trust

As leaders in the private jet charter world, we're proud to be recognized as a one of the most trusted private jet charter companies that demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to both clients and aircraft operators.

The Height of Service

Give us the most challenging itinerary and we'll exceed your expectations every time. Our air charter agents are experts at recommending the best aircraft and operators.
  • Engaged in the continual pursuit of excellence
  • Recommend the most respected aircraft operators
  • Deliver an exceptional flying experience

Membership Privileges

Enjoy the perks of locking in aircraft charter rates and being able to confidently budget your travel. Membership definitely has its privileges at Stratos Charter Jets.
  • Guaranteed fixed hourly rates
  • The safest aircraft operators
  • Free WiFi, complimentary catering

Stratos Marketplace

Stratos Air Charter Marketplace: Efficiency, Transparency & Safety at Every Stage

At Stratos, our mission is to help you make the most informed travel decisions, expand your margin of safety and deliver unrivalled customer service. With Stratos Marketplace, we do all that and more—and it’s all right at your fingertips.

For the more than 2,100 ARGUS-rated aircraft vendors integrated into our platform, Stratos Marketplace offers the chance to increase bookings and revenue streams with ease.

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