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How Much Does a Private Jet Charter Cost?

Private jet charter costs can vary depending on different factors. But in general, the smaller the aircraft, the more affordable the hourly rate and total private jet price for chartering will be. A turboprop charter starts around $2,000 an hour, while a heavy jet charter costs closer to $10,000 an hour.

With a private jet charter service, you can fly on a luxurious private jet without breaking the bank. Private jet charter rates are significantly lower than buying your own private plane. Unless you fly roughly 150 hours or more a year, buying your own private jet just doesn’t make sense.

According to Bankrate, with private jet charter rates, you don’t have to pay maintenance fees, crew salaries, insurance, or interest.

Jet Category Number of Passengers Range (Nautical Miles) Hourly Rate
TurboProp Up to 8 1088-3775 mi $4,000-$4,900
Very Light Jets Up to 5 1223-1550 mi $5,500-$6,800
Light Jets Up to 6 1264-2527 mi $8,929-$9,868
Midsize Jets Up to 8 1823-3242 mi $9,793-$10,824
Super Midsize Jets Up to 9 3,400-4142 mi $11,786-$13,027
Heavy Up to 12 2589-4728 mi $15,077-$16,664
Ultra Long Range Up to 14 7,500-8055 mi $15,200-$18,500
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Luxury Private Jet Price: How is Private Flight Cost Determined?

Luxury jet charter prices are determined by a variety of factors, such as flight time and distance, charter destination, aircraft type, and more. These key considerations can help you understand why costs can vary from one flight to the next:

Flight Time & Distance

Shorter flights won’t cost as much as longer ones. The cost of a private jet is determined on the flight distance because longer flights consume more fuel.

Charter Destination

Where you’re headed will also have a major impact on how much it is to charter a private jet. Availability is a cost determining factor. Getting an understanding of whether the type of private jet you want is available in advance can help you avoid additional fees to get that jet where you need it to be.

Aircraft Type

It should come as no surprise that large jets will be on the more expensive side. The larger the private luxury jet, the more space for passengers, and the more fuel you’ll need to get from Point A to Point B. Size isn’t the only price determining factor when it comes to aircraft type; other smaller aircrafts may be expensive based on their range and other features.

Peak Demand Scheduling

If you’re headed to a location in the U.S. that’s in its peak demand for travel, you may notice luxury private jet cost increases during your search. And while scheduling flexibility is offered with most private jet charter businesses, it may come with a fee.

Aircraft Positioning

Depending upon your departure or arrival location, it may be required that we move an airplane into position for your departure or to its next intended point of departure. This can affect the cost of private jet service, as that aircraft will need to reposition to the departure origin.

Additional Services

Features like catering, ground transportation, in-flight entertainment and more come with a price tag. These are but a few of the general factors that can determine the price of small and large private jet charters.

Still wondering how much a private jet flight is? Read on to learn more about pricing with Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

On Demand Pricing

We believe that by laying all the facts out there–our costs, their costs, our consumer satisfaction, their consumer satisfaction–you will be ready and eager to fly with Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

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Domestic Private Jet Charter Rates & Fees

There are various fees associated with private jet travel, from landing charges at different airports to handling costs and government taxes.

  • Airport Landing Fees

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    Each airport authority charges their own landing fees. These vary from airport to airport, but the fee is usually between $100 and $1,500 per flight at executive and regional airports and depends on the aircraft size and weight. High-density airports like Boston Logan, Miami International, and JFK in New York have been known to charge more than $1,000 per flight.

  • Ramp and Handling Fees

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    Fixed-base operators charge a fee to handle and park the aircraft you charter. This fee can range from $100 to $500 per flight. In some cases, these fees can be waived if minimum fuel requirements are met.

  • Segment Fees

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    Segment fees are applied to each passenger per leg (segment). In the United States, the fee is $4.50 per passenger.

  • Federal Excise Tax

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    A 7.5% Federal Excise Tax is charged on all domestic flights within the US.

Possible Additional Fees

Firm quotes provided by Stratos private flight advisors are based on a specific aircraft’s availability and are considered “all-in” private jet prices, which include all taxes and any other anticipated fees. We bill all expected flight-related costs upfront so that there are no surprises. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned and an unexpected fee may arise. The cost of these fees is then billed post-flight.

Common unexpected fees that can add to a private jet’s rental cost include, but are not limited to:

  • In-flight catering
  • De-icing
  • Ground transportation
  • Hangar rentals
  • Refueling
  • Security services
  • Unscheduled itinerary changes
  • International charges
  • In-flight phone usage
  • Additional taxes

Here’s an overview of the taxes and fees included in the private jet price. 

Overnight Accommodation

If crew members are required to be away from home overnight, a per diem between $200 and $600 per crew member will be added to the private jet charter cost. The per diem covers overnight expenses, including lodging and meals.

Short Leg Fees

The greatest fuel burn of an aircraft occurs during take-off. Short leg fees help to offset the fuel burn. Additionally, every time an airplane takes-off and lands, its maintenance schedule is advanced, bringing the aircraft closer to costly maintenance checks. Aircraft owners will often charge a short leg fee as part of the total private jet charter cost to help offset those additional needs.

Aircraft Positioning Fees

At Stratos Jet Charters, Inc., we aim to locate aircraft that require minimal positioning to help reduce these fees. However, that’s not always possible, and aircraft positioning costs may be incurred if the aircraft needs to be repositioned for the charter flight.

Hangar Fees

Hangar fees are typically incurred during the winter season when aircraft need to be protected from ice, snow, or frost accumulation on aircraft surfaces and to avoid deicing costs. These fees can range from $500 to $1,500 each day.

Wi-Fi Charges

In many cases, your private flight advisor can arrange a charter on an aircraft that comes with free Wi-Fi access. However, some aircraft operators may charge anywhere from $2 to $9 per megabyte. International charter flights may cost more.

Cleaning Fees

Sometimes aircraft need a little extra cleaning after a charter flight. These fees can cost anywhere from $250 and up, depending on the amount of cleaning required.

Deicing Fees

In colder climates, snow, ice, or even frost can accumulate on aircraft surfaces, prompting the need for deicing services. Deicing costs can vary from $1,500 to $15,000 depending on the size of the aircraft.

International Fees

A trip across the border can add anywhere from $500 to $5,000 or more to the total cost of chartering a private jet. These fees are required based on your route and arrival country and include landing permits, overflight permits, customs, and immigration fees.

Fuel Surcharge

Because fuel prices are constantly fluctuating, a fuel surcharge is applicable when there is a surge in fuel prices in the market. The surcharge, when applicable, starts around $300 per hour. 

Aircraft Daily Minimums

Aircraft operators require a certain amount of flight hours per day. Though the industry standard is 2 hours a day, smaller aircraft may only have a daily minimum of 90 minutes. A larger aircraft may have a daily minimum of 3 hours or more.

International Head Tax

International flights departing from or arriving in the United States are subject to a tax of $19.70 per person.

Alaska/Hawai’i Head Tax

Charter flights are subject to a tax of $9.90 per passenger when flying to Hawaii or Alaska.

Charges for optional concierge services

Custom In-Flight Catering

Private jet rental pricing doesn’t include in-flight catering, but this service can be arranged for an additional fee. Depending on the items and quantities ordered, this fee can range from $230 to $2,000 per leg.

Ground Transportation

Ground transportation is another addition to private jet charter rates that can cost anywhere from $180 to $1000 or more per reservation, based on specific needs and preferences. 

Additional Concierge Services

Extended concierge services include additional in-flight amenities, hotel, spa, and resort booking. A quote for additional concierge services will be provided for approval prior to booking.

Client Services Fee

The Client Services fee allows Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. to provide a higher quality of trip support, including the coordination and organization of the trip, through a dedicated team of professionals.

Hourly Rates for Charter Aircraft

Aircraft categories differ not only by size, capacity and flight range but also the cost per hour of chartering them. Below you can see the price ranges for each category Stratos Jets offer.





































Popular Routes & Estimates

To provide clients with a quick snapshot of the costs associated with booking a private jet charter, we put together private jet charter cost estimates from some common routes and aircrafts.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Every charter flight review on this page was submitted by a real Stratos Jets customer. In the interest of transparency, we never change reviews or use incentives to influence these reviews. This way, you can hear directly from our past and current clients about how we handled their private travel experience.

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Overall rating ( out of 5) Based on reviews from our trusted Jet Charter reviews
5 1 5 11/03/2020

I was helped at every step along the way. Any question was quickly answered.

5 1 5 07/31/2023

Yes to all.

5 1 5 05/31/2022


5 1 5 06/04/2020

I will definitely use Stratos Jets again and will recommend the company without hesitation. It has been several years since I have chartered a jet and this process was very easy and friendly.

5 1 5 07/24/2017

Very professional, very knowledgeable - truly care about their clients. Stratos is always very good to work with. When one of their requests come in we know we will be treated equitably, politely, and professionally, as the Operator. The Stratos team is always friendly and thorough. The Stratos Guests are always very good to our Flight Crews, which we appreciate very much. I would highly recommend Stratos Jet Charters. Malachi Mountain Aviation.

5 1 5 08/23/2020

It was a treat to fly private again. Everyone at Stratos and Flying Labz were a joy! If I need to fly private again Stratos is the only company I'd reach out to.

5 1 5 05/24/2020

Everything was perfect. Kyle was extremely helpful. Answered all questions quickly and was very professional without a “hard sell” style. Everyone I dealt with was perfect. The flight itself was fast, quiet, comfortable. The plane was very clean, and well maintained. Both crew were helpful and pleasant. It is very likely that we will travel like this again and Stratos will be our provider. Thanks again. Susan

5 1 5 02/21/2022

Great platform, all trip information was readily accessible. Thank you for working with us on this one and keeping the itineraries flexible. No significant feedback otherwise, we look forward to the opportunity to assist with future operations!

5 1 5 12/26/2018

Not sure I could have asked for more. Joel was responsive and delivered exactly what I needed. The two pilots were incredibly accommodating and made the trip very smooth. Thank you Joel

5 1 5 04/01/2018

Loved everything about our flight, thanks to the unbelievable service from Kerry and Sarah.  We were so very pleased with the planning, follow up and service. Do not waste your time or money looking anywhere else. Kerry is a super rock star of customer service. Wow!

5 1 5 03/27/2013

All good. I would like info on best, fastest way to charter jet for my next trip to India. I'm not wealthy, & run a small business. My work is only to benefit impoverished people internationally. My website is I must travel regularly to India yearly for my business. I wonder if your company alo cares about these people? Is it possible to use your services for this business travel? Can you advise me to a NY company that is more suitable to my needs. I answered your questionnaire. I look forward to your advice, & to learn how much your co. Is concerned with the plight of these people's? Best Mary

5 1 5 03/26/2018

Yes. Good. Good. Yes

5 1 5 05/07/2022

Great flight, always professional and nice aircraft!

5 1 5 01/08/2023

Working with Kerry Hill and Joel A. Thomas from Stratos is always a pleasure for us at Regency. There is clear communication from start to finish. Client expectations are laid out, so that we can work our best to execute them. They communicate with us in a timely manner, and of course expect the same from us. Their clients are respectful of our jets and our crews. We definitely enjoy partnering and are looking forward to many more come 2023!

5 1 5 07/19/2021

Excellent service from end to end. Booking the charter was top level service, and that extended all the way to landing and departure from the terminal.

5 1 5 02/12/2014

This was a fantastic trip and our family will remember the rest of their life. Wife says it is the only way to travel via air. Everything was handled perfect

5 1 5 12/13/2016

Garret has provided excellent service and is attentive and easy to work with. The pilots on this trip were EXCEPTIONAL at dealing with our needs and providing service with the passengers needs and schedule. Very high compliments to the whole team for this flight.

5 1 5 05/18/2023

Everything was lovely, no hiccups. One piece of advice, when travelling to Turks and Caicos, make sure you have a clear address for your destination. The customs officer held us for twenty-five minutes trying to figure out where we were staying. That was a little frustrating, but it all worked out. We will most definitely use Stratos for our next trip.

5 1 5 06/16/2021

Anthony quickly found a charter that met our destination and date requirements.

5 1 5 02/21/2022

Always great to work with you guys!

5 1 5 09/21/2017

Would highly recommend anyone looking for charters to contact Stratos. Their team was second to none in handling our request from first call to post flight. The CEO was even kind enough to phone me to ensure that we had located our crew at the FBO just prior to departure. I have run multiple aircraft in flight departments for many years and can truly say that its hard to find this level of professionalism in the business.

5 1 5 12/24/2017

Great experience as always!

5 1 5 01/19/2018

Worked with Kerry Hill and as always, she delivered excellent service. First date departure had to be delayed due to a mechanical issue with the aircraft and she kept me well informed. When the revised departure date came, she worked continuously to get a hangar for the aircraft in order to help avoid costly de-icing then next morning. Can't say enough good things about Kerry and Stratos Jet!

5 1 5 05/27/2014

lower cost flights :)

5 1 5 09/12/2017

Joel was a delight to work with arranging our flight from IRMA. Very professional and accommodating. I would definitely use him and your company again and refer others to you. The flight was fantastic with very nice pilots, James Briggs and Thomas Sommers. We were not the typical passengers as my husband has Alzheimer's and is wheelchair bound. Thanks for everything!!!

5 1 5 01/07/2014

Pricing to be competitive with Marquis etc.

5 1 5 04/14/2019

I would recommend Stratos Jet to friends, we plan to try the service again soon.

5 1 5 03/04/2016

We were thoroughly impressed with all aspects of these operations. If at all possible, a method to protect the identity of passengers might be developed (whereby TSA rules are still met). If such a method already exists, my clients would appreciate knowing the details.

5 1 5 03/23/2023

This was our first time using private air travel. Anthony made the process as smooth as can be, sailing through a few hiccups with ease. He was literally *always* available for questions or concerns. I cannot imagine going through the procedures without someone as focused and knowledgeable as Anthony. He is a shining example of the lost art of good customer service. Looking forward to our next flight with Anthony and Stratos Jets.

5 1 5 05/02/2024

Easy to book, easy to work with. Smooth trip overall.

5 1 5 04/02/2018

It is always a pleasure working with the Stratos Jets team. Communication is always prompt and neatly organized. Thank you for your business. We look forward to our next trip together.

Regards, Kelly Ferrese Executive Airlink, Inc,

5 1 5 07/24/2020

Randy Schuette answered all of my questions and kept me up to date even with the early arrival of my flight which kept my trip on time.  The flight was smooth with a great landing by pilot Mariah Fever!

Thank you,

Karen W.

5 1 5 06/12/2021

We needed to book a same-day plane for employees and tools to provide urgent assistance to a customer. Zach was effective, proactive and cooperative in providing a solution, precise information and updates. Would recommend Stratos Jet anytime! Thank you!

5 1 5 09/12/2013


5 1 5 07/03/2019

Always great teamwork

5 1 5 01/01/2018

Once again, Stratos Jets provided perfect travel service with competitive prices! We needed to move a family member with memory loss and agitation from Boston to Houston on very short notice. Joel set everything up within 24 hours- a beautiful private jet, cars and drivers at both ends of the trip, a security detail plus catering. I am completely impressed with this company and will use them whenever I need private jet service. Thank you, Joel!

5 1 5 07/31/2023

Great communication, everything on time and accurate, highly recommended

5 1 5 01/09/2019

This flight was well managed with excellent communication with Joel. We had extreme weather conditions in OAK and Joel was open to correspondence past midnight local time to ensure all was not handled and decided morning of flight. We also appreciate Stratos Jets trust and confidence in following the lead of Axis Jet for moving their clients flight to the next day. We are looking forward to having many more successful flights with Stratos Jets.

5 1 5 06/16/2021

I have highly recommended Stratosjets to friends and will continue to do so. The planning team (Kyle Jones being my lead - world class individual) continues to do a superb job tending to each detail and communicating same timely and in an understandable fashion.

5 1 5 01/02/2014

I think you all did a great job!!! If we book with enough notice, maybe a newer ride? Not to say that the Hawker we flew was not great.. Only my thoughts. Joe"

5 1 5 07/31/2023

Daniel is professional and engaged throughout the entire trip. From booking to wheels down.

5 1 5 12/10/2016

Garrett is fantastic to work with. He is kind, responsive and you can tell he really cares about his customers. I worked with a different company on our way to our destination because Garrett could not find a plane. The agent at that company did not compare favorably to Garrett. I would highly recommend Garrett.

5 1 5 04/05/2014

You did great. Garett was great, ground transportation was clean, easy and on-time and seamless. It was a good trip and I have already asked for another quote. Don't know if I will use it depending upon cost as this next one is purely personal. But I would like to.

5 1 5 06/28/2013

You did a superb job, and the crew was first rate.  We will be back.

5 1 5 09/01/2020

In every aspect of my travel experience my trip was perfect. My exchanges with Anthony we're great, the planes we're beautiful and on time

5 1 5 07/12/2013

We had quite a number of issues booking this trip, which resulted in add'l work and follow up for me. As broker these issues should have been handled / caught prior to making a proposal. I believe I had to sign 4 different revised quote sheets for this trip! Also the final signed sheet stated we would land in LFMD on the return leg. Hence we booked transportation for pick up at LFMD. However flight landed in LFMN. This caused add'l stress and expense for no reason. I have only now seen that the last itinerary link showed an arrival at LFMN - but I never opened this one since all previous ones, including the contract reconfirmation showed LFMD. As for the aircraft itself: it was one of the oldest ones I have ever flown. The door / separation to the toilet / luggage area was broken (not the lock but the entire frame!) and the toilet was not accessible due to a lot of "stuff" (amenities, water bottles, etc.) being thrown in / stored in the area. Overall cleanliness was not superb either. Finally, the catering we requested was not available / not complete. Breakfast (eggwhite and sausage!!) was cold and wet and the fruitplatter had molded grapes; no ice bucket, nor champagne glasses were present. On the return leg, fruitplatter was nice but again no ice bucket nor champagne glasses were present. As a matter of fact, the soft drink container was not even replenished w new ice!! So overall - yes, we flew from A to B but the service experience was disappointing.

5 1 5 05/07/2022

All Good......................and easy!

5 1 5 10/14/2014

You can not improve on perfect !!

5 1 5 04/27/2021

I look forward to booking again..

5 1 5 01/17/2013

I can't think of anything that wasn't handled perfectly. We'd like to extend a special thanks to the crew who were extremely helpful in loading and unloading the equipment.

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Get fixed private jet charter rates when you fly with Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. With your fares locked in, you’ll have a personal private jet charter cost estimator.

On-Demand Pricing works for some of our clients. Others want greater predictability for budgeting their travel expenditures, so Stratos offers Fixed-Rate Pricing via our prepaid Stratos Jet Card.

By prepaying your aircraft charter fees at a locked-in rate, you can budget your travel expenses in advance.* The best way to lock in hourly rates for private flights is with a Jet Card Membership. With the jet card membership, we allow our Jet Card Members to fly an unlimited amount of hours at a fixed rate.

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*Please note that you might still incur some unforeseen ancillary operational expenditures such as charges for concierge services or changing elements of your itinerary during your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Private Jet for a Week?

    dropdown dropdown

    The cost of chartering a jet for a week can range from tens of thousands of dollars to several hundred thousand dollars, depending on how often you fly and which aircraft you choose to charter. If you don’t plan on spending the entire week on the aircraft, it’s recommended you charter a plane for the days you do intend to fly as you’ll be required to pay daily minimums to hold an aircraft that could otherwise be earning revenue. 

  • Is it worth chartering a private jet?

    dropdown dropdown

    The demand to fly on a private jet charter is increasing as passengers look for an alternative to commercial flying. 

    For those able to afford it, purchasing a private jet can range from several hundred thousand dollars to millions of dollars, and this doesn’t even include ongoing fees such as fuel, staffing, and maintenance. According to Bankrate, unless you fly roughly 150 hours or more a year, buying your own private jet doesn’t make sense. 

    With a private jet charter broker, you can fly on a luxurious private jet without the upfront cost of owning a personal aircraft. 

    To provide clients with a quick snapshot of the costs associated with booking a private jet charter, we put together a private jet charter cost estimator that can be accessed above.

  • How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

    dropdown dropdown

    The cost of chartering a private jet is based on the size of the aircraft, the preferred travel dates, the location of the aircraft, and the arrival and departure airports. Rates begin around $2,200 an hour and can exceed $15,000 an hour. 

    For an approximate rate, use the private jet charter cost estimator above.

  • What is the cheapest way to get on a private jet?

    dropdown dropdown

    Flying privately becomes more affordable when you share the cost with fellow passengers. There’s also the option of “empty leg” flights. This is where a private jet is repositioning to another destination, offering discounted one-way fares for those seeking a flexible travel option.

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