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Private Jet Charter Pricing

Stratos gives you two convenient pricing methods for air charter.

For many, private travel is a pragmatic necessity. Even so, Stratos will make your necessity a luxury and give you two great purchase options to procure it: On-Demand Pricing and Fixed-Rate Pricing.

On-Demand Pricing

On any given day, rates for on-demand charter flights fluctuate on a trip-by-trip basis as pricing is determined by three predominate considerations: the type of aircraft being chartered, its location relative to your intended departure location and the availability of the preferred aircraft. Your Stratos agent will analyze all available aircraft in the charter market and identify the best-positioned aircraft, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred aircraft at the best available price. We’ll also review any other available cost-saving options with you, such as taking advantage of one-way charter flights to accommodate your travel itinerary.

For example, we may find that the most cost-effective approach is to utilize multiple aircraft for your round-trip private-travel itinerary. Our market search may also uncover an aircraft similar to your choice that needs to be moved along your proposed travel route. If so, chartering it could effectively eliminate or reduce fees such as Aircraft Repositioning, Daily Minimum Usage and Overnight Fees, saving you even more.

Firm quotes provided by Stratos Jet Charters are based on a specific aircraft’s availability and are considered “all-in” prices unless, of course, you change your requested itinerary during your trip. We bill all expected flight-related costs upfront, so there are no surprises waiting for you when your trip is over.

There are some circumstances, however, in which additional charges may arise that are out of Stratos’ control. During winter, for example, your aircraft may require de-icing prior to departure. Since this is an unforeseen expense, you would bear the additional cost and would be billed after your trip.

For flight itineraries requiring multiple days on the ground before returning to your trip’s point of origin, overnight fees and daily minimums may be required. When these fees become cost prohibitive, or the selected aircraft has been scheduled for other charter flights during the dates of your travel, the aircraft may return to base.

Please let us know if you have an upcoming trip, and we’ll be happy to provide you with firm pricing and any available cost-saving options.

Hourly rates for charter aircraft:

$1500 – $3500/ hour
Light Jets
$2200 – $5000/hour
Mid Size Jet
$2900 – $6500/hour
Super Mid Jets
$4900 – $7900/hour
Heavy Jets
Call for pricing
Commercial aircraft
Call for pricing

*Hourly rates are dependent upon aircraft type, availability and positioning.

Fixed-Rate Pricing

On-Demand Pricing works for some of our clients, but others want greater predictability for budgeting their travel expenditures, so Stratos offers Fixed-Rate Pricing via our prepaid Stratos Jet Card. By prepaying your aircraft charter fees at a guaranteed, locked-in rate, you can confidently budget your travel expenses months in advance.* Download our brochure to find out more about Stratos Fixed-Rate Jet Card Membership.

*Please note that you might still incur some unforeseen ancillary operational expenditures such as charges for de-icing or changing your itinerary during your trip.

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