How Safe Are Private Jets? (Through Air Charter Flight Services)

When you ask 'how safe are private jets anyway?' we reveal how top brokers help ensure safe travels

Jet Charter Safety

As a professional aviation company, as baseball fans, and as Floridians, it was heartbreaking to hear about the private plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico that took the life of all-star pitcher Roy Halladay last week.

Is the Runway Long Enough for That Jet? Private Planes and Runway Length

A lot more than aircraft type is considered when sizing up private planes and runway length.

How does aircraft type, elevation and the environment factor into determining private planes and runway length? Aircraft manufacturers go to incredible lengths to determine the recommended runway length for each and every private jet—and size is just one of several factors under consideration.

Private Jet Trends: Booking Private Jets on the Rise

Why more Americans are booking private jets, and what that means for charter travellers

They’re private jet trends that might not have been predicted this time a year ago, and yet they’re a reality: Demand for private planes is stronger than ever.