Live to Fly: Charter Planes in the Backyard

Where do celebrities who'd rather fly themselves home than take charter planes live?

Some love flying so much, they don’t mind the sound of a jet engine breaking the sound barrier within their walls. For the truly high fliers who forgo charter planes to fly their own aircraft and even park it in the garage, there is the residential airpark. A residential airpark gives new meaning to the phrase ‘flying close to home.’ Often run by a developer or… more

Protected: TSA Stowaways

The Prohibited Items Travelers Have Knowingly and Unknowingly Brought Through Airport Security

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

From A to BC: 8 Reasons to Go North on an International Jet Charter

BC's Tofino surf, farm theatre, marathons with wine--this is an international jet charter trip unlike any other.

If Lonely Planet named Canada the best country in the world to visit in 2017 (and it did), then certainly British Columbia (BC), would be the best province to visit this year. If you have a hankering for an international jet charter trip that’s a little out of the ordinary and exactly what you didn’t know you needed in every way, consider flying up to… more

Old World Opulence: Why the Private Jet Crowd Goes East

3 July 4 destinations that offer a rare combination of natural beauty, privacy, and proximity when you fly in a private jet.

It’s one of those holidays that makes you glad to be in this country, living this life, and yet it comes with none of the hassles and fuss of occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving. For a luxe yet relaxed getaway, the private jet crowd looks no further than East Coast. Here’s why. These three destinations have become long-standing favourites among New York’s affluent, and it’s… more