When Are Turboprop Charter Planes Preferable to Light Jets?

Turboprop planes have carved out a niche in the short-range charter market

turboprop charter planes - King Air 200

Turboprop or light jet? Many executives face this decision when they book private charter flights for their business aviation needs. While turbofan aircraft dominate the majority of the air charter market, there is definitely a time and a place for turboprop charter planes. In particular, turboprops are useful for: Short-hop flights Traveling to remote locations Corporate commuters To understand the benefit of a turboprop provides,… more

Would You Book Jet Charters to Hawaii in Spite of a Boycott?

Hawaii comes under scrutiny after judge halts President Trump's travel ban

jet charters to hawaii

You may have heard about the furor that erupted last week after a Hawaiian federal judge ordered a stop to President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban on citizens of predominantly Muslim countries traveling to the United States. Part of the backlash entailed Trump supporters calling for a travel boycott to the Aloha State. Depending on your political leanings, this might be a prime opportunity to book… more

How Do Airport Slot Restrictions Affect Private Charter Flights?

Private jet travellers can overcome slot restrictions by choosing alternate airports

slot restrictions for charter flights

When booking charter flights, you’ll sometimes come across an airport that is referred to as slot-restricted. These airports tend to be some of the busiest in the world, and their infrastructure limits their ability to meet air traffic demand. As such, scheduled takeoffs and landings—known as slots—are strictly controlled to maximize efficiency. And while the slot system poses a significant challenge to commercial aviation, it… more

How Does a Private Jet Charter Keep Travelers Connected?

Staying connected with colleagues while flying has become the new norm for business aviation

private jet charter communications

Private jet charter travel has evolved immensely since it was first used for business missions in the 1960s. Corporate travelers have always been drawn to private aviation because it’s fast, convenient and it enables passengers to remain productive while flying. These days, in the age of the Internet, business and luxury travelers are demanding more from their air carriers than ever before. Passengers aboard modern… more