How Does GPS Work on Private Jet Charters?

Private jet charters are turning to GPS as the aviation industry modernizes its navigational aids.

Anyone who has flown commercially has seen the air tracker on that little screen attached to the seat in front of them. The tracker uses GPS, or the global transitioning system, to show your plane’s position, speed and altitude while on ground and in flight. GPS technology has been an important tool not only for commercial and recreational flyers, but also for private jet charters…. more

How Are Private Jet Charter Rates Determined?

Nearly a dozen factors influence private jet charter rates. Which ones are new to you?

Hawker 800XP private jet charters

Following last week’s popular post about the cost of empty leg flights, we thought we ought to take some time to break down how standard private jet charter rates are determined. From aircraft type and fuel to fees and crews, here are the factors that go into private jet charter cost:  1. The aircraft’s hourly rate (the biggest factor determining private jet charter rates)  Unlike coach… more

Talking #Tourists 2

How Cities, States, and Regions Tweet About Tourists

From the family that bundled a baby buffalo into their car because he looked cold to vacationers who rent our holiday apartments, patronize our businesses, and bolster our economies, tourists are a group of people many of us love to hate and some just love to love.So how does your state, region, or town feel about the tourists in your midst? We turned to Twitter… more

Why Can’t Empty Leg Flights Go for Really, Really Cheap?

If empty leg flights were to go for the mere cost of fuel, the implications for passenger, owner and aircraft risks could be serious.

Next to ‘how much is a private jet,’ one of the most common questions we get asked is, ‘Why can’t empty leg flights go for really cheap?’ Like, really cheap, as in a few hundred dollars instead of a few thousand dollars. First, if you’re new to the term, empty legs (also known as ‘deadhead flights’ and ‘one-way charters)’ refers to flights that only go… more