Hurricane Irma: Florida Airports No Longer Closed & Ceased

Our comprehensive, up-to-date list of Caribbean and Florida airports closed & ceased

While Orlando-based Stratos Jet Charters was able to help many families evacuate on private jets last week, now even emergency private jet flights are limited as Florida airports are trying to return to normal operations after ceasing and closing due to furious winds and fuel shortages.

Courts, Runways & Private Jet Flights: 3 Can’t-Miss September Events

How to see and be seen--and who to root for--at the top three September luxury travel events via private jet flights

Have you been impatiently waiting for Fashion Week since…oh…last September? Is this the year you finally get to cheer on tennis star Roger Federer as he heads towards another grand slam at the US Open from the front row? Or perhaps you’ve been dying to see your favorite cast clean up at this year’s Emmys.