How Does the Presidential TFR Affect Charter Flights to Palm Beach?

Considerations for passengers on charter flights to Palm Beach when the president is at the Winter White House

charter flights to Palm Beach Donald Trump

Even the president of the United States needs a day off once in a while. And for Donald J. Trump, his Mar-a-Lago estate near Palm Beach, Florida, has become his go-to Winter White House residence. However, whenever he’s in town on vacay, as was the case last weekend, it triggers a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) that affects all charter flights to Palm Beach International Airport… more

Factors that Private Jet Charters Need to Consider When Taking off? (Part 1)

This is the first of a two-part series explaining the factors that affect required field length for private jet charters

private jet charters runway distance

Anyone who has flown in private jet charters has experienced the sensation of being pressed back into their seats as the aircraft hurtles down the runway. But how much tarmac is really needed to achieve liftoff? Whenever a manufacturer develops a jet or turboprop aircraft, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) must certify it before it is permitted to fly in the United States. Part of this… more

Private Jet Charter Adventures: 4 Can’t-miss Carnival Events

Book a private jet charter to discover how different cities do carnival

private jet charter carnival

February is upon us, which means it’s time for the annual carnival season to kick into high gear. Found the world over, particularly in areas with large Catholic populations, these festivals have basically become massive street parties where people get their sillies out before Lent. If you’re looking for fun, free-spirited private jet charter adventure, carnival definitely fits the bill. At any carnival event, you… more

What Role Do Pilots Have in Jet Charter Safety?

Strict operational requirements and pilot training are crucial to air charter safety

jet charter pilots in cockpit

When it comes to jet charter safety, there is understandably a lot of emphasis placed on the aircraft chosen for the charter flight. Invariably, you’ll want to know: How old is the aircraft? Has it been well maintained? What type of safety systems does it utilize? Is it suitable to land at your chosen airport? But what about the people flying your business jet? Corporate… more