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Whether the original PC12 will suit your travel needs, or you need the extra performance attributes of the PC12 NG, Stratos Jets can charter Pilatus PC12 turboprops anywhere in the world.






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Pilatus PC-12: Pilatus Aircraft Charter Description

The Pilatus PC12/PC12 NG charter aircraft, the ultimate aerial SUV, is a single-engine turboprop developed by Pilatus Aircrafts of Switzerland. It is typically configured to accommodate six to nine executive passengers at the height of comfort.

While the margin of safety afforded by a single-engine aircraft might cause consternation in some, the fact that the PC12 uses the legendary Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine should quell any fears of a Pilatus aircraft charter. This power plant is one of the most reliable in the industry

In production since the 1960s, it’s also one of the most popular turboprop engines in history. Additionally, the benefits of using a single engine give this aircraft significant performance tradeoffs:

  • Requires less fuel
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Better aerodynamics

As a result, with a Pilatus aircraft charter, you enjoy superior payload and range performance compared to other aircraft in its class.


Pilatus PC-12: Aircraft Charter Specifications

MANUFACTURER Pilatus Aircraft

The Power to Perform





The PT6 engine provides an impressive 1,200 shaft-horsepower rating, which allows the Pilatus PC12 to hit cruise speeds of 312 mph and travel a range of 1,732 nautical miles. For leisure travelers, a Pilatus aircraft charter is ideal for weekend charter trips from Teterboro to East Hampton. Other example itineraries include:

  • Orlando to Asheville
  • Atlanta to Miami
  • Fort Lauderdale to Nassau
  • New York to Boston

When you charter PC12 turboprops, you can expect to fly upwards of 900 nm, even with a full load. And because the PC12 is blessed with such good range, Pilatus made sure the cabin provided the comfort and amenities needed to keep passengers at ease during long journeys. Some of the interior highlights include:

  • Private lavatory
  • Inflight baggage access
  • Food and beverage center

In total, the interior of the Pilatus PC12 is a generous:

  • 17 feet long
  • 5 feet wide
  • 4 feet, 10 inches tall

Surprisingly, this type of cabin space is what you’d find in some midsize jets. Add in the fact that Pilatus partnered with BMW Designworks to dress up the PC12’s interior and you have the makings for a truly luxurious Pilatus aircraft charter. Among the trim and upholstery features you’ll find:

  • Fine wood veneers
  • Leather
  • Innovative textiles

Yet, for all the luxury, many clients charter Pilatus PC12 aircraft for their utility. In addition to executive arrangements, it also offers configurations for:

  • Air ambulance
  • Cargo
  • Passenger-cargo combi

It also has an oversized cargo door, which makes it useful for companies that need to transport freight.

The Next Generation Pilatus PC12

In 2006, Pilatus announced an upgraded version of the PC12, known as the NG (Next Generation) variant. Among other improvements, it features:

  • More powerful PT6 engines (dash-67P variant)
  • Faster maximum cruise speed (322 mph)
  • Better climb performance
  • Honeywell Primus Apex avionics system

Whether the original PC12 will suit your travel needs, or you need the extra performance attributes of the PC12 NG, Stratos Jets can charter Pilatus PC12 turboprops anywhere in the world. By using one of our private flight advisors to plan your Pilatus aircraft charter, you won’t have to worry about:

  • Arranging transportation to or from the airport
  • Tracking flight schedules
  • Coordinating inflight meals
  • Determining airport requirements
  • Liaising with the charter operator company

We take care of all of that for you so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much does a private jet cost per flight?

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    Private jet flights are determined by an aircraft’s hourly rate. Smaller aircraft hourly rates are less than those of larger aircrafts. For example, a flight on a small jet from Van Nuys to Las Vegas would cost around $10,000, but it would cost closer to $15,000 on a medium-sized jet.

  • How do I choose the right aircraft for my mission?

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    As charter brokers, we do more than simply book your charter flight. At Stratos Jets, our air charter associates are highly trained personnel capable of matching our clients with the appropriate aircraft for their travel needs. Once we determine how many passengers you’re travelling with and how far you’re flying, we can determine which category of aircraft you require. There are many options available. The most common aircrafts hired for private charters include:

    • Cessna’s Citation X
    • Gulfstream’s G650
    • Bombardier’s Global line

    After that, we can help you narrow down the selection of recommended aircraft based on budget, desired cabin amenities, airport requirements, luggage capacity, as well as aircraft age and performance capabilities.

    Staying Safe in the Skies

    At Stratos Jets, air charter safety is our number one concern. One of our key policies is to increase consumer education. This ensures our clients are able to make informed decisions. We also work with our aircraft providers to ensure their safety training programs meet and even exceed our air charter safety requirements. To make this happen, Stratos Jets is an ARGUS Certified Broker. This means that our brokerage firm is:

    • Committed to the best industry practices
    • Adhering to all applicable safety regulations
    • Maintaining the appropriate insurance coverage required
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