How much does it cost to book a private jet charter from Chicago to Miami?

Flying privately from Chicago to Miami could cost you as little as $9,500 or as much as $33,000 depending on travel requirements such as how many passengers you plan to take with you. For your north-to-south flight, the Beechcraft King Air 90 turbo-prop is a corporate traveler’s top choice in cost efficiency as well as comfort. On the other end of the spectrum is the highly sought after versatile heavy jet, like the Challenger 604 with its roomy cabin interior and seating for ten passengers. No matter which aircraft you choose to charter, we’ll make sure you arrive safely.

Gary (Chicago) - Miami
Aircraft Type Small Jet Medium Jet Heavy Jet Turbo Prop
Estimated Price $13,048 - $14,422 $18,056 - $19,956 $30,095 - $33,263 $9,335 - $10,318
Fuel Stop 1 - - 1
Flight Duration 3.00 hrs 2.90 hrs 2.80 hrs 4.00 hrs

How long does a private flight between Chicago and Miami take?

Depending on the type of jet charter you choose, your flight time may vary. The distance between Chicago and Miami is roughly 1,200 miles, and on average, you can expect to be airborne for approximately three hours. However, where private jet charters really shine is pre- and post-flight. When you fly privately, you can skip the lengthy line-ups awaiting you and your companions at the commercial airports. Instead, simply arrive at your departure airport about 15 minutes before you’re scheduled to depart. And when you arrive? Simply grab your luggage and hop into the vehicle waiting for you upon your arrival.

Aircraft Type Distance in ML Distance in KM Duration
Small Jet 1159 1865 3.00 hr
Medium Jet 1159 1865 2.90 hr
Heavy Jet 1159 1865 2.80 hr

Recommended private jets for your trip from Gary (Chicago) to Miami

Private jet airports near Gary (Chicago) and Miami

Gary (Chicago) Area Airports

One of the perks of flying privately is choosing which airport to leave from. You might choose a particular airport for its proximity to where you were staying or just to avoid busy commercial queues. When you choose to soar with Stratos, you have access to several Chicago area airports, like:

Miami Area Airports

The beauty of soaring with Stratos is that once the jet has safely landed and the door pops open, you can simply head straight to your waiting chauffeured vehicle. But first, you need to decide which airport you’ll land at. Popular options include:

Empty leg flights from Chicago to Miami

Traveling well can be a costly adventure. Like many cities, Miami has its own special experiences to offer and enjoying as many of them as you can should be your top priority. Thankfully, taking advantage of an empty-leg flight, which could save you 25 to 75 per cent of your private flight expenses, means you can indulge in upgraded hotel rooms and that exclusive restaurant you’ve had your eye on. Here’s how it works: most private charters are booked as one-way missions, so rather than send an empty jet to its next point of origin, we’re in a position to offer our clients an opportunity to explore a new or favorite city at a fraction of the cost. Talk to your Stratos agent to learn more.

Empty Leg Flight Available Dates Aircraft Type Aircraft Class Trip Price
EYW (KEY WEST) - OPF (MIAMI) 09/22/2021 Falcon 20 Mid - Inquire
BHM (BIRMINGHAM) - OPF (MIAMI) 09/22/2021 Gulfstream GIVSP Heavy - Inquire
EYW (KEY WEST) - OPF (MIAMI) 09/23/2021 Falcon 2000 Super-Mid - Inquire
OQU (NORTH KINGSTOWN) - OPF (MIAMI) 09/23/2021 Challenger 604 Heavy - Inquire
BHM (BIRMINGHAM) - OPF (MIAMI) 09/23/2021 Gulfstream GIV Heavy - Inquire
BHM (BIRMINGHAM) - OPF (MIAMI) 09/23/2021 Gulfstream GIV Heavy - Inquire
BHM (BIRMINGHAM) - OPF (MIAMI) 09/23/2021 Gulfstream GIVSP Heavy - Inquire
JAN (JACKSON) - OPF (MIAMI) 09/25/2021 Gulfstream GIVSP Heavy - Inquire
JAN (JACKSON) - OPF (MIAMI) 09/26/2021 Gulfstream GIVSP Heavy - Inquire
JAN (JACKSON) - OPF (MIAMI) 09/26/2021 Gulfstream GIV Heavy - Inquire
MWCR (Owen Roberts Intl) - OPF (MIAMI) 10/01/2021 Challenger 300 Super-Mid - Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - OPF (MIAMI) 10/02/2021 Gulfstream GIVSP Heavy - Inquire
MWCR (Owen Roberts Intl) - OPF (MIAMI) 10/05/2021 Challenger 300 Super-Mid - Inquire
PIE (ST PETERSBURG-CLEARWATER) - OPF (MIAMI) 10/19/2021 Gulfstream GIVSP Heavy - Inquire
CLE (CLEVELAND) - OPF (MIAMI) 10/23/2021 Hawker 900XP Mid - Inquire
TUPJ (Terrance B Lettsome Intl) - OPF (MIAMI) 10/24/2021 Gulfstream GIVSP Heavy - Inquire
ORL (ORLANDO) - OPF (MIAMI) 11/04/2021 Gulfstream GIVSP Heavy - Inquire
MYEH (North Eleuthera) - OPF (MIAMI) 11/06/2021 Falcon 20 Mid - Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - OPF (MIAMI) 11/23/2021 - 11/30/2021 GulfStream GV Heavy - Inquire
CLE (CLEVELAND) - OPF (MIAMI) 11/27/2021 - 11/28/2021 Lear 45 Light - Inquire
CLE (CLEVELAND) - OPF (MIAMI) 11/28/2021 - 11/29/2021 Lear 45 Light - Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - OPF (MIAMI) 12/13/2021 - 12/20/2021 GulfStream GV Heavy - Inquire
MRLB (Liberia) - OPF (MIAMI) 12/26/2021 Falcon 20 Mid - Inquire
CYYZ (Toronto, ON Canada) - OPF (MIAMI) 01/14/2022 - 01/16/2022 Challenger 850 Heavy - Inquire
CYYZ (Toronto, ON Canada) - OPF (MIAMI) 03/17/2022 - 03/19/2022 Challenger 850 Heavy - Inquire

Ground services in Chicago and Miami

At Stratos, we understand the logistics of air travel. In fact, we understand it so well we’ve streamlined our procedures to maximize your time. While our Stratos Jet Charters agent sources the perfect aircraft for your travel requirements, our Trip Support Team will be arranging your inflight catering, chauffeured ground transportation, and hotel and dinner accommodations so that you can be wheels up in just four hours. With the help of our Trip Support department, every detail of your trip will be expertly organized and executed.

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