How much does a private jet from Miami to Los Angeles cost?

As a coast-to-coast mission, a charter flight from Los Angeles to Miami requires an aircraft with significant range capabilities. Because jet charters are calculated based on flight time, longer flights like this are more costly than short-range flights. This is because they require more fuel and longer crew hours, which add to the overall cost. To give you an idea of how much a private jet rental from Los Angeles to Miami would cost, you’d be looking at about $36,400 for a midsize jet, $42,900 for a super-midsize jet and $59,800 for a heavy jet.

Miami - Van Nuys
Aircraft Type Small Jet Medium Jet Heavy Jet Turbo Prop
Estimated Price - $35,407 - $39,134 $58,391 - $64,538 -
Fuel Stop - 1 - -
Flight Duration - 5.30 hrs 5.10 hrs -

How long does a private flight between Miami and Los Angeles take?

Your trip from Miami to Los Angeles spans roughly 2,300 miles. In a midsize jet, you’ll be in the air for close to six hours. You’ll also want to account for the time spent refueling the aircraft. In a heavy jet, expect to spend closer to five hours in the air. Though the flight time is the same regardless of flying privately or commercially, the real time savings occur on the ground. When you fly privately, you skip the long line-ups and waits associated with the purchase of a commercial airline ticket. Simply arrive minutes before your scheduled depart, head into the FBO at the airport you’re departing from, and you’ll be wheels up before you even realize it. And when you land, you can simply hop out of the jet and head to your waiting car without waiting in line at the baggage carousel to collect your things.

Aircraft Type Distance in ML Distance in KM Duration
Small Jet - - -
Medium Jet 2341 3767 5.30 hr
Heavy Jet 2341 3767 5.10 hr

Recommended private jets for your charter flight from Miami to Van Nuys

Private jet airports near Miami and Van Nuys

Miami Area Airports

One of the many perks associated with flying privately is having your choice of departure and arrival airports. This is especially important in Miami where there are many options available. We recommend picking the one that’s most convenient, like:

Van Nuys Area Airports

Flying into Los Angeles is truly stunning. As the landscape changes from barren desert to the snow-capped mountain range to serene Pacific coastline, you’ll be able to land at the airport that’s most convenient to your final destination, like:

Empty leg flights from Miami to Los Angeles

When you book a private jet charter, you’re in control of all the details, like which aircraft you fly in, what time you arrive at, and even what the inflight catering menu looks like. However, those fine details come with a bit of a hefty price tag.
If you’re hoping to enjoy all the comforts of private aviation without the hefty price tag, an empty leg charter is exactly what you’ve been looking for. By relinquishing your pick of aircraft and departure times and dates, you can reap the benefits of cheaper airfare. These deeply discounted rates can go for as low as 75 percent off the original cost of the charter. Take a look at some of our upcoming empty legs below or speak with your agent to see if there are any available that line up with your approaching travel plans.

Empty Leg Flight Available Dates Aircraft Type Aircraft Class Trip Price
SJC (SAN JOSE) - VNY (VAN NUYS) 12/15/2022 Falcon 900 Heavy 12422.5 Inquire
SJC (SAN JOSE) - VNY (VAN NUYS) 12/16/2022 Falcon 900 Heavy 12422.5 Inquire
MMSD (Los Cabos Intl) - VNY (VAN NUYS) 12/26/2022 Challenger 300 Super-Mid 17507.5 Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - VNY (VAN NUYS) 01/10/2023 Gulfstream G550 Heavy - Inquire
TRM (PALM SPRINGS) - VNY (VAN NUYS) 01/12/2023 Falcon 2000LX Heavy 11885 Inquire
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Ground services in Miami and Los Angeles

Whether you’re heading to Los Angeles to play in the surf or to make big things happen in the boardroom, we can help you arrange every aspect of your trip. Need tickets to a Lakers game? We’ll find them. Want a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel? We’ll book it. Hoping to indulge your inner foodie at Providence? We’ll make sure there’s a table waiting for you. When you book a private jet charter with Stratos, you’ll have access to Trip Support, our exclusive team dedicated to the details. Simply let Trip Support know what you need, and we’ll take it from there. After all, the sky’s hardly the limit.

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