How much does it cost to book a private jet charter from Los Angeles to New York?

There are many different factors that go into pricing out a private jet from Los Angeles to New York. Some of these factors include: • Time of year • Size of jet • Number of passengers • One-way or return flight • Inflight catering and entertainment needsOnce you and your air charter agent have determined your exact jet charter needs, they will offer you a quote. For example, a mid-sized jet will set you back approximately $28,000. This option is the most affordable choice and works well for singles or couples.For larger groups, a heavy jet that can accommodate up to 14 passengers costs roughly $45,000. This option is a little more pricey but provides more leg room and a much more luxurious experience.

Los Angeles - Teterboro
Aircraft TypeSmall JetMedium JetHeavy JetTurbo Prop
Estimated Price-$28,519 - $31,521$46,675 - $51,588-
Fuel Stop-21-
Flight Duration-5.70 hrs5.30 hrs-

How long does a private flight between Los Angeles and New York take?

From wheels up in LA to wheels down in NYC, the total airtime for this cross-country flight is roughly 5 hours. However, this can vary depending on the size of the jet and the weather conditions present during the trip.Although the flight time for a commercial airliner and a private jet from Los Angeles to New York are roughly the same, the entire experience is much less chaotic with a private jet charter.Imagine this: Your driver rolls you right up to the tarmac of a quiet private airport, mere steps from the private jet you’ve requested. You grab your suitcase and head straight onto the jet. There are no line-ups, no security checks, and no need to arrive hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.

Aircraft TypeDistance in MLDistance in KMDuration
Small Jet---
Medium Jet245439485.70 hr
Heavy Jet245439485.30 hr

Recommended private jets for your trip from Los Angeles to Teterboro

Private jet airports near Los Angeles and Teterboro

Los Angeles Area Airports

Because of their size, LA and NYC are home to some of the busiest airports in the country and the world. Thankfully, there are also a large number of smaller, private airports available to those that choose to fly on a jet charter instead of commercially.Some of the more popular departure airports in LA include:

Empty leg flights from Los Angeles to New York

An empty leg flight is booked as a one-way mission, which means the aircraft will only carry passengers to one destination. These last-minute deals are perfect for travelers with a flexible schedule looking to shave down the costs of a typical jet charter flight from Los Angeles to New York.

These discounted flights are great for travelers that are adaptable and willing to:
• Fly out of an airport that’s less than ideal
• Cruise in a jet that doesn’t exactly line up with travel preferences
• Have little to no say about the departure time

These minor inconveniences can save travelers up to 75 per cent off of the original jet charter cost.

Empty Leg FlightAvailable DatesAircraft TypeAircraft ClassTrip Price
PDK (ATLANTA) - TEB (TETERBORO)02/17/2020 - 02/18/2020Citation ExcelMid- Inquire
FXE (FORT LAUDERDALE) - TEB (TETERBORO)03/04/2020Lear 60XRMid12100 Inquire
AGC (PITTSBURGH) - TEB (TETERBORO)03/19/2020Hawker 400XPLight- Inquire
MDW (CHICAGO) - TEB (TETERBORO)03/24/2020 - 03/25/2020Hawker 850XPMid- Inquire
BED (BEDFORD) - TEB (TETERBORO)04/07/2020Hawker 800XPMid- Inquire

Ground Services in Los Angeles and New York

Want a chauffeured vehicle waiting for you on the tarmac in NYC upon your arrival? Our Trip Support team can arrange that for you. We can also book you tickets to watch a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden or book your stay at the Four Seasons. We can even arrange security detail should you require it.At Stratos Jet Charters, we make it our number one priority to ensure the needs of our clients are handled in the most courteous and efficient manner possible. Because of this commitment, you’ll be able to spend less time planning your trip and more time experiencing everything the Big Apple has to offer.

Are you ready to book your best charter flight yet?

Stratos Jets soars higher, making sure your charter flight is the most convenient, comfortable, and safest out there. We have access to a network of more than 5,000 aircraft available for chartering a private jet from New York to Atlanta. To book a flight through a Stratos Jets representative, call (888) 593-9066.

You can also request a free quote via the online form on our website.

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