How much does a private jet charter from Geneva to Nice cost?

The cost of traveling between Geneva and Nice by private jet charter can vary by what size and type of private plane you require. Those traveling alone or in a small group may want to consider flying aboard a turbo-prop, such as a Beechcraft King Air 90, which has a flight price tag of approximately $5,200 one way. A slightly faster option is a very light jet, such as the Citation Mustang, which has a cost of approximately $7,150. Larger groups may want to consider a midsize jet, such as the Hawker 750, which costs around $13,650 one way, while a roomier and more luxurious heavy jet, like the Embraer Legacy 650, seats up to 13 passengers and costs around $23,400.

Geneva Cointrin - Cote D Azur
Aircraft Type Small Jet Medium Jet Heavy Jet Turbo Prop
Estimated Price $9,831 - $10,866 $14,057 - $15,536 $24,240 - $26,792 $5,302 - $5,861
Fuel Stop - - - -
Flight Duration 1.65 hrs 1.65 hrs 1.65 hrs 1.65 hrs

How long does a private flight between Geneva and Nice take?

The distance from Geneva to Nice is a short 162 nautical miles when flying between the city’s two main airports While a turbo-prop will get you from Geneva to Nice in just over an hour, a mid-size jet can make the trip in around 45 minutes. Travelers who fly by commercial airline tend to spend more time in lineups than they do in the air. That’s not the case when flying by private charter. Instead, you’ll experience door-to-door service and save precious time without crowds to contend with. Board your private plane as soon as you arrive at the airport. Once you land, avoid the baggage pickup area by picking up your luggage straight off the plane and leave by your waiting car right from the tarmac.

Aircraft Type Distance in ML Distance in KM Duration
Small Jet 186 299 1.65 hr
Medium Jet 186 299 1.65 hr
Heavy Jet 186 299 1.65 hr

Recommended private jets for your charter flights from Geneva Cointrin to Cote D Azur

Private jet airports near Geneva Cointrin and Cote D Azur

Geneva Cointrin Area Airports

Located 2.5 miles northwest of the city center, Geneva Cointrin Airport is the main international airport servicing both commercial and private aircraft in and out of the southwestern Swiss city of Geneva. The airport’s convenient location makes it accessible by those on either side of the French-Swiss border and those traveling for business, leisure or diplomatic reasons.

Cote D Azur Area Airports

Located just 4 miles northeast of the city center, Nice Cote d’Azur Airport is the main port of arrival for both commercial and private jet charter passengers from Geneva and around the world to the French Riviera. It is also the main airport that services Monaco, with many transferring from private plane to helicopter to travel over to the small island principality.

Empty leg flights from Geneva to Nice

An empty leg flight offers an alternative for those travelers who have a flexible schedule and want to save on the cost of a private flight from Geneva to Nice. These one-way flights are a result of a private aircraft carrier flying “empty” for one reason or another, and offer extensive discounts for those who are not concerned about what type or size of jet is being flown, and are flexible on the date and time they depart.
If this sounds like you, contact our friendly team at Stratos and ask about empty leg flights from Geneva to Nice.

Empty Leg Flight Available Dates Aircraft Type Aircraft Class Trip Price
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Ground services in Geneva and Nice

Getting from Geneva to Nice has never been easier thanks to the concierge services offered by our Stratos Trip Support team. We can arrange everything from in-flight meals and entertainment to make your journey more comfortable to organizing ground transportation to meet you at Nice Cote d’Azur Airport. Need a holiday rental or hotel right on the Promenade des Anglais? Looking for a way to attend the Grand Prix in Monaco or the Cannes Film Festival? Would you like a Porsche rental to drive along the French Riviera coastline or a helicopter ride to Monaco? Our Trip Support Team is here to make your every wish come true. We go that extra mile to make your trip one to remember.

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