How much does it cost to charter a private jet from New York to West Palm Beach?

Fly for as little as $13,000 when booking New York to West Palm Beach charter flights. Stratos’ on-demand pricing can help you secure the right aircraft for your travel needs, so you can fly when you want and pay as you go. If you are a frequent flyer with a holiday home in Florida or often do business in New York, who not look into Stratos’ fixed rate Jet Card Membership, which gives you 25 hours of occupied flight time within a specific category of aircraft.

Teterboro - West Palm Beach
Aircraft Type Small Jet Medium Jet Heavy Jet Turbo Prop
Estimated Price $15,837 - $17,505 $21,052 - $23,269 $34,941 - $38,619 $11,232 - $12,414
Fuel Stop 1 - - 1
Flight Duration 2.80 hrs 2.60 hrs 2.50 hrs 3.70 hrs

How long is the flight from New York to West Palm Beach?

Traditionally, the flight time between New York and West Palm Beach is 2 hours and 20 minutes. However, that time can be lessened when flying by private charter flights from New York and West Palm Beach. You can also save travel time when flying by private jet charter by avoiding long security line-ups, baggage check-in and claims. You also have your choice of less busy airports in which to depart and land.

Aircraft Type Distance in ML Distance in KM Duration
Small Jet 1038 1670 2.80 hr
Medium Jet 1038 1670 2.60 hr
Heavy Jet 1038 1670 2.50 hr

Recommended private jets for your charter flights from Teterboro to West Palm Beach

Private jet airports near Teterboro and West Palm Beach

Teterboro Area Airports

New York is home to a number of airports, from the larger and busier international airports of John F. Kennedy (JFK) and La Guardia (LGA) to smaller more convenient regional airports in its outlying regions.

West Palm Beach Area Airports

Most jet charter flights to West Palm Beach arrive at Palm Beach Intl (PBI) Airport, located 2.5 miles west of downtown West Palm Beach and 3.5 miles west of the town of Palm Beach.

Empty leg flights from New York to West Palm Beach

Look for the best deals when chartering a private jet from West Palm Beach to New York.
With an empty-leg flight you can get from 25 to 75 per cent the price of a normal flight. You just need to be flexible about your departure and/or arrival times and be able to meet the plane at its designated location.

Empty Leg Flight Available Dates Aircraft Type Aircraft Class Trip Price
TEB (TETERBORO) - PBI (WEST PALM BEACH) 02/14/2023 Legacy 600 Heavy - Inquire
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Ground services in New York and West Palm Beach

You don’t have to worry about hauling your clubs or looking for a last-minute hotel once you’ve landed from your West Palm Beach to New York charter flight. When you book your charter between New York and West Palm Beach, our Stratos agents can arrange a shuttle from either New York or West Palm Beach airports as well as accommodation at an oceanside hotel or near the best restaurants and entertainment areas in either city.

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