How much does it cost to charter a private jet from New York to Las Vegas?

The cost to charter a jet from New York to Las Vegas is dependent on various conditions and factors such as the size and type of jet you charter, the date and time you will be travelling, as well as any additional services such as catering or grand transportation you will be requiring. If you are travelling alone or with a small group, a corporate mid-sized jet such as an Astra or a Falcon 20 will get you to your destination for as little as $32,500 one-way. If you are travelling with a large group, why not look into a spacious super mid-size jet such as a Hawker 1000, which is estimated to cost from $38,480 to $44,980 when flying one-way between New York and Las Vegas.

Teterboro - Las Vegas
Aircraft Type Small Jet Medium Jet Heavy Jet Turbo Prop
Estimated Price - $35,160 - $38,861 $57,975 - $64,078 -
Fuel Stop - 1 - -
Flight Duration - 5.00 hrs 4.80 hrs -

How long does a private flight between New York and Las Vegas take?

When travelling aboard a New York to Las Vegas private plane that has an average speed of 560 miles, it should take just under four hours for you to arrive at your destination. While this flight time can depend on weather and other unforeseen situations, flying by private charter from New York to Las Vegas will save you time at the airport, as you will avoid lengthy check-in lineups, security checks and baggage claims. Flying by private charter from Las Vegas to New York also allows you to choose from less busy airports in which to land and depart, which will save you time on the road.

Aircraft Type Distance in ML Distance in KM Duration
Small Jet - - -
Medium Jet 2227 3583 5.00 hr
Heavy Jet 2227 3583 4.80 hr

Recommended private jets for your charter flights from Teterboro to Las Vegas

Private jet airports near Teterboro and Las Vegas

Teterboro Area Airports

Travelling by private jet from New York to Las Vegas not only allows you privacy and comfort not found on commercial airliners, it allows you to have control over your own itinerary and the decision of which airports in New York and Las Vegas you choose to depart from and land at. In New York, there so numerous airports to choose from, including:

Las Vegas Area Airports

Las Vegas is home to a number of airports, including

Empty Leg Flights from New York and Las Vegas

If you are looking for the least expensive way to travel between New York and Last Vegas, why not ask your Stratos Jet Charters agent about an empty leg flight. If you have a flexible schedule, an empty leg flight can save you anywhere between 25 to 75 percent less than the historically estimated price for a one-way flights between Las Vegas and New York.
And best of all, if you’re travelling in a group, you can split the cost for a private empty leg flight, which may turn out to be cheaper than an individual one-way flight with a major airline.

Empty Leg Flight Available Dates Aircraft Type Aircraft Class Trip Price
VNY (VAN NUYS) - LAS (LAS VEGAS) 02/06/2023 Falcon 2000 Super-Mid - Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - LAS (LAS VEGAS) 02/06/2023 Falcon 2000 Super-Mid - Inquire
SLC (SALT LAKE CITY) - LAS (LAS VEGAS) 02/18/2023 Citation M2 Very-Light - Inquire
TUS (TUCSON) - LAS (LAS VEGAS) 02/22/2023 Citation M2 Very-Light - Inquire
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Ground Services in New York and Las Vegas

When you book a charter flight with Stratos Jet Charters you can expect value-added services that you won’t get with a commercial airliner. This includes having a limo and driver waiting for you on the tarmac when you arrive at the airport of your choosing in Las Vegas or New York. Our Trip Support team can even help you book reservations for that buzzed about Las Vegas show or tickets to see the Golden Knights hit the ice – the same goes for that newly opened restaurant in Tribeca, Broadway premiere, or playoff game.

Are you ready to book your best charter flight yet?

Stratos Jets soars higher, making sure your charter flight is the most convenient, comfortable, and safest out there. We have access to a network of more than 5,000 aircraft available for chartering a private jet from New York to Atlanta. To book a flight through a Stratos Jets representative, call (888) 593-9066.

You can also request a free quote via the online form on our website.

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