How much does it cost to book a private jet to Miami from NYC?

Whether you choose on-demand pricing or fly frequently and prefer fixed-rate pricing through our Stratos Jet card membership, the benefits of flying by Miami to New York private are insurmountable. Based on historical prices, the estimated cost of a private light jet from New York to Miami is approximately $16,069-$18,747. However, if you are not in as much of a rush, or are travelling with a smaller group, you can consider chartering a turbo props from New York to Miami, with an estimated price of $11,839-$13,813.

Teterboro - Miami
Aircraft Type Small Jet Medium Jet Heavy Jet Turbo Prop
Estimated Price $16,400 - $18,126 $21,859 - $24,160 $36,335 - $40,159 $11,834 - $13,080
Fuel Stop 1 - - 1
Flight Duration 2.90 hrs 2.70 hrs 2.60 hrs 3.90 hrs

How long is the flight from New York to Miami?

Travel on your own time and choose from a large selection of jets that will get you to your destination faster and with ease when you book your private charter flight from New York to Miami with Stratos Jet Charters. Typically, flights between New York and Miami can take from 2.5-to-3 hours. However, you can get to your destination faster by avoiding long line-ups at the airport when flying on a New York to Miami private charter jet.

Aircraft Type Distance in ML Distance in KM Duration
Small Jet 1100 1770 2.90 hr
Medium Jet 1100 1770 2.70 hr
Heavy Jet 1100 1770 2.60 hr

Recommended private jets for your charter flight from Teterboro to Miami

Private jet airports near Teterboro and Miami

Teterboro Area Airports

Both Miami and New York have a wide selection of convenient regional, executive airports that are located in or next to the cities’ central business districts. Avoid the commotion of John F. Kennedy (JFK) and LaGuardia (LGA) International Airports by flying from Miami to New York private charter to:

Miami Area Airports

Not interested in flying to congested Miami International (MIA), why not board a New York to Miami private plane and land comfortably and conveniently at:

Empty Leg flights from New York to Miami

If you are flexible about your flight time and are able to meet a Miami to New York charter plane at its designated location, why not contact a Stratos Jet Charters agent and ask about a one-way empty-leg or deadhead flight.
These empty one-way flights, commonly available on popular routes, can save you from 25 to 75 per cent off the cost of a normal flight.

Empty Leg Flight Available Dates Aircraft Type Aircraft Class Trip Price
TEB (TETERBORO) - CAE (COLUMBIA) 11/25/2022 Gulfstream G200 Super-Mid - Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - MYNN (Nassau) 11/26/2022 Challenger 300 Super-Mid - Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - FXE (FORT LAUDERDALE) 11/26/2022 Gulfstream G200 Super-Mid - Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - FLL (FORT LAUDERDALE) 11/27/2022 Gulfstream G400 Heavy - Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - HYA (HYANNIS) 11/27/2022 Gulfstream GIV Heavy - Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - OPF (MIAMI) 11/29/2022 Gulfstream G550 Heavy - Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - OPF (MIAMI) 11/30/2022 Gulfstream GIVSP Heavy - Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - FXE (FORT LAUDERDALE) 12/01/2022 Lear 60XR Mid 25262.5 Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - CLE (CLEVELAND) 12/07/2022 Citation VII Mid - Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - APF (NAPLES) 12/07/2022 Falcon 900 Heavy - Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - FXE (FORT LAUDERDALE) 12/09/2022 Lear 60 Mid 26437.5 Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - ATW (APPLETON) 12/13/2022 Hawker 800XP Mid - Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - CLE (CLEVELAND) 12/26/2022 Citation VII Mid - Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - FLL (FORT LAUDERDALE) 01/02/2023 Phenom 300 Light 15862.5 Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - OPF (MIAMI) 01/05/2023 Gulfstream GIVSP Heavy - Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - MYLS (Stella Maris) 01/06/2023 Gulfstream GIV Heavy - Inquire
TEB (TETERBORO) - VNY (VAN NUYS) 01/10/2023 Gulfstream G550 Heavy - Inquire
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Ground services in New York and Miami

Looking to stay near all the action on Miami Beach or walking distance to Broadway in New York? Let your Stratos Jet Charters agent help by arranging you the most convenient accommodation in the most luxurious resorts and hotels. We can also arrange ground transportation from Miami and New York airports to your hotel, allowing you to sit back and see the sights in these two exciting cities.

Are you ready to book your best charter flight yet?

Stratos Jets soars higher, making sure your charter flight is the most convenient, comfortable, and safest out there. We have access to a network of more than 5,000 aircraft available for chartering a private jet from New York to Atlanta. To book a flight through a Stratos Jets representative, call (888) 593-9066.

You can also request a free quote via the online form on our website.

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