How much does it cost to book a private jet charter from Toronto to Florida?

The cost of a Toronto to Florida jet charter comes in around $39,000 for a super mid-size jet. You can also request a smaller aircraft like a turboprop, which costs around $16,250, or a light jet, which will set you back closer to $26,000. Though it may seem expensive, there are a lot of factors that go into that price. It’s important to note that additional services, like aircraft de-icing—which isn’t uncommon in many Canadian cities—can set you back as well. For those looking for the ultimate flying experience, we recommend a heavy jet, like the Gulfstream G450. A one-way trip in a heavy jet will cost you between $54,600 and $62,400.

Lester B Pearson Intl - Miami
Aircraft Type Small Jet Medium Jet Heavy Jet Turbo Prop
Estimated Price $18,994 - $20,993 $25,494 - $28,178 $42,545 - $47,024 $12,282 - $13,575
Fuel Stop 1 1 - 1
Flight Duration 3.20 hrs 3.00 hrs 2.90 hrs 4.20 hrs

How long does a private flight between Toronto and Florida take?

Booking a Toronto to Florida jet charter has plenty of benefits, and the amount of time you’ll save pre-flight is just one of them. If you soar into Florida on a heavy jet charter, the time spent in the air will fall just shy of three hours, whereas if you were to book a smaller aircraft, like a light jet, the trip will take closer to three and a half hours, plus a brief refuelling stop. However, it’s still much quicker than flying commercially. When you fly privately, you can skip past all the lengthy line-ups and depart directly from an FBO, allowing you to board your plain in mere minutes. That means you’ll need to arrive about 30 minutes before your flight instead of the three hours an international commercial flight typically requires. And when you land? Simply grab your things, step off your plane and head to your waiting car.

Aircraft Type Distance in ML Distance in KM Duration
Small Jet 1228 1976 3.20 hr
Medium Jet 1228 1976 3.00 hr
Heavy Jet 1228 1976 2.90 hr

Recommended private jets for your charter flights from Lester B Pearson Intl to Miami

Private jet airports near Lester B Pearson Intl and Miami

Lester B Pearson Intl Area Airports

The most popular airport to depart from in Toronto is the Pearson International Airport, but there are several smaller private airports available to private travelers. One of those includes the Billy Bishop City Airport, located directly on Lake Ontario. The views upon departure are simply stunning and should be experienced at least once.

Miami Area Airports

There are so many airports to choose from when booking a charter flight to Florida. Depending on which region of the state you’d like to visit, the arrival airport options are practically endless. Popular options, however, include the Miami International Airport, Opa Locka Executive Airport and the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.

Empty leg flights from Toronto to Florida

One of the best ways to save a little cash on your Toronto to Florida jet charter flight is to request an empty leg. These heavily discounted flights provide travelers with all the benefits of traveling privately at a fraction of the original cost. However, with aircraft in such high demand these days, it can be hard to secure an empty leg flight. It’s also important to note that all empty legs have set schedules, which reduces your ability to mold the itinerary to your own schedule. When you book an empty leg, you’re beholden to the departure airport, time and date. However, if there are multiple available for the same route, you’ll be able to book the one that best lines up with schedule.

Empty Leg Flight Available Dates Aircraft Type Aircraft Class Trip Price
CYYZ (Toronto, ON Canada) - OPF (MIAMI) 01/24/2023 - 02/02/2023 Phenom 300 Mid 22824.38 Inquire
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Ground services in Toronto and Florida

Looking for a ride to that conference taking place in downtown Miami? Or maybe you’d like to book a yacht to sail around South Beach or take in a round of golf at the world-renowned Seminole Golf Club in Juno Beach. No matter what you’re hoping to do during your time in Florida, our Trip Support team is on standby to help you plan and organize every detail of your itinerary. From securing the safest aircraft for your trip to arranging ground transportation and booking overnight accommodations, Trip Support is with you every leg of the journey so you can Soar Higher with Stratos Jet Charters.

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