How much does a private jet from Los Angeles to Portland cost?

The cost of private flights between the neighboring state cities of Los Angeles and Portland vary, and depends on the type of private aircraft you wish to charter, as well as the time of year, departure times, and the plane’s location. While you can fly by a more expensive mid-size jet, the more economical choice for Los Angeles to Portland private jet flights is by turboprop or light jet. The estimated price to charter a turboprop, such as the Beechcraft King Air 300, is between $10,920 and $12,480. The faster light jet, such as the Citation CJ2, will cost you between $13,260 and $15,210, while a mid-size jet, such as the Falcon 20, seats a few more people, and typically cost between $16,900 and $19,630.

Van Nuys - Portland
Aircraft Type Small Jet Medium Jet Heavy Jet Turbo Prop
Estimated Price $13,022 - $14,393 $17,825 - $19,701 $29,362 - $32,452 $9,121 - $10,081
Fuel Stop 1 - - 1
Flight Duration 2.30 hrs 2.20 hrs 2.10 hrs 3.00 hrs

How long does a private flight between Los Angeles and Portland take?

The average flight time between Los Angeles and Portland is a little more than two hours, with an air distance of approximately 800 miles. While a turboprop will likely take two-and-half hours to fly between LA and Portland, a light or mid-size jet will take around the two-hour mark. The biggest difference is the time you will save on the ground. Flying privately, as compared to commercially, saves hours from waiting in long lines to get your boarding pass, through the security check, and to your seat. Plus, once you’ve arrived at your destination, you won’t have to wait for your luggage to arrive. Just grab your bags from your private charter and go straight from the tarmac to your waiting car.

Aircraft Type Distance in ML Distance in KM Duration
Small Jet 815 1311 2.30 hr
Medium Jet 815 1311 2.20 hr
Heavy Jet 815 1311 2.10 hr

Recommended private jets for your charter flight from Van Nuys to Portland

Private jet airports near Van Nuys and Portland

Van Nuys Area Airports

Anyone who has flown in and out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on a commercial flight knows how chaotic the lineups can be. Flying privately allows passengers to avoid all that traffic, as they can depart from a choice of regional and municipal airports that surround Central LA. Some examples include:

Portland Area Airports

Flying by private jet charter from the Pacific Ocean over Mount Hood and to where the Willamette River and the Columbia River Gorge meet is a sight to see. Capture the best view by flying into the Portland airport of your choice. Private planes can land at any of these airports in the Portland area:

Empty leg flights from Los Angeles to Portland

As shown, there are a number of ways to save on your charter flight from Los Angeles to Portland, including the choice of aircraft, departure date, and location. However, one of the best ways to get a discount while enjoying everything a private flight has to offer is through an empty leg flight.
An empty leg flight is when a charter plane booked for a one-way mission needs to be flown back to its base or repositioned to another location. Instead of flying empty, the aircraft carrier will offer seats at much lower rates than normal. The only stipulation is that you will need to fly on the carrier’s schedule, including from their departure airport. Speak to one of our Stratos agents to see how you can save money when flying via an empty leg flight and check the information below for some examples.

Empty Leg Flight Available Dates Aircraft Type Aircraft Class Trip Price
VNY (VAN NUYS) - MMSD (Los Cabos Intl) 12/04/2022 Gulfstream GIV Heavy 34075 Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - TEB (TETERBORO) 12/05/2022 Global 6000 Heavy 66270 Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - MMSD (Los Cabos Intl) 12/05/2022 Gulfstream GIV Heavy 34075 Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - MMSD (Los Cabos Intl) 12/06/2022 Gulfstream GIV Heavy 32430 Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - SJC (SAN JOSE) 12/07/2022 Falcon 900 Heavy 12422.5 Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - EUG (EUGENE) 12/14/2022 Gulfstream G200 Super-Mid - Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - SJC (SAN JOSE) 12/15/2022 Gulfstream GIV Heavy - Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - PHL (PHILADELPHIA) 12/18/2022 Global Express Heavy 54755 Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - MMSD (Los Cabos Intl) 12/24/2022 GulfStream GV Heavy - Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - TEB (TETERBORO) 12/25/2022 Gulfstream GIVSP Heavy - Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - OAK (OAKLAND) 12/27/2022 - 12/28/2022 Gulfstream G200 Super-Mid - Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - KOA (KAILUA/KONA) 01/01/2023 Falcon 900 Heavy 57575 Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - ASE (ASPEN) 01/01/2023 Global 6000 Heavy 26202.5 Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - EGE (EAGLE) 01/02/2023 Global 6000 Heavy 28317.5 Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - MMSD (Los Cabos Intl) 01/03/2023 Challenger 300 Super-Mid 14680 Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - SJC (SAN JOSE) 01/03/2023 GulfStream GV Heavy 14035 Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - MMSD (Los Cabos Intl) 01/03/2023 Gulfstream G200 Super-Mid - Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - ASE (ASPEN) 01/03/2023 Gulfstream G550 Heavy 25615 Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - EGE (EAGLE) 01/07/2023 Gulfstream GIVSP Heavy - Inquire
VNY (VAN NUYS) - SJC (SAN JOSE) 01/12/2023 Gulfstream GIVSP Heavy - Inquire
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Ground services in Los Angeles and Portland

When it comes to arranging private jet charter flights from Los Angeles to Portland, Stratos soars higher than all the rest, thanks to all the extras we provide. While our private flight agents go above and beyond to help you with all the details of your charter flight, our Trip Support team helps with those extra services you may require. Looking to get from Portland International Airport to your hotel? Our Trip Support team can have a chauffeured vehicle, or a car rental waiting for you when you land. Do you wish to dine out in the South Waterfront District near the Portland Aerial Tram? Our team will find you a table and make your booking. Leave all the details to us and enjoy all the bonuses of flying with Stratos Jet Charters.

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