How much does a private jet from New York to Italy cost?

The cost to charter a New York to Italy private plane depends on factors such as availability, jet size, type and destination. Based on historical prices, the estimated price for a heavy jet charter between New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) and Rome’s Ciampano GB Pastine Airport (LIRA) is approximately $75,790 - $88,422. When you divide that up, along with the time you will save, you can see how the benefits outweigh the cost of travelling by commercial airliner.

New York - Rome
Aircraft Type Small Jet Medium Jet Heavy Jet Turbo Prop
Estimated Price - - $80,001 - $88,422 -
Fuel Stop - - - -
Flight Duration - - 8.90 hrs -

How long does a private flight between New York and Italy take?

While the average flight time on a flight from New York to Rome, Italy is 9 hour and 5 minutes, that time can vary depending on which type of jet you choose to travel aboard or if you are travelling to other destinations within Italy. For example, a flight from New York to Milan is 8 hours and 33 minutes while a flight between Venice and New York is eight hours and 49 minutes, on average. Save time and long waits by flying on an Italy to New York private charter. Avoid baggage claims and traffic jams with a wide choice of airports that can accommodate your business trip.

Aircraft Type Distance in ML Distance in KM Duration
Small Jet - - -
Medium Jet - - -
Heavy Jet 4282 6890 8.90 hr

Recommended private jets for your trip from New York to Rome

Private jet airports near New York and Rome

New York Area Airports

There are a number of airports that accommodate heavy jets when travelling between New York and Italy. In New York, international private charter airports include:

Rome Area Airports

International airports for private jet travel to major cities in Italy include: Rome: • Ciampino-GB Pastine International Airport (LIRA) 7.5 miles southeast of central Rome Florence: • Firenze Peretola International Airport (LIRQ), 7.2 miles northwest of Florence Venice: • Venezia Tessera Marco Polo (LIPZ), located 4.9 miles north of Venice Milan: • Milan-Linate (LIMC), located 5 miles east of central Milan

Empty leg flights from New York to Italy

Looking for a way to save money on one-way charters flights to Italy and New York? If you have a flexible departure time, and are not too concerned about which city airport to depart from or arrive at, why not ask your Stratos Jet Charters agent about empty leg flights.
If you are not on a strict schedule, you can book New York to Italy empty leg flights for 25 to 75 per cent less than the normal price. Ask us how.

Empty Leg Flight Available Dates Aircraft Type Aircraft Class Trip Price
JFK (NEW YORK) - OPF (MIAMI) 11/05/2021 Falcon 20 Mid - Inquire

Ground services in New York and Italy

Need to get to a business meeting on Wall Street? Are you flying to Italy for a Roman holiday? We will have a driver ready to meet you at the airport to take you to your destination.  We can arrange limousine services from John F Kennedy airport to downtown Manhattan or water taxi from Marco Polo Airport to take you to your Venice hotel. A Stratos Jet Charters’ agent can even organize accommodations, restaurant reservations and even car hire services for your trip, so all you have to worry about is packing.

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