Emergency Flights for Post-Disaster Teams

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Quick Response for Disaster Relief

Natural disasters happen in minutes, often with little notice—and yet the need for critical relief is immediate and lasting. 

Whether it’s a hurricane, earthquake, tsunami or another devastating event, your relief team needs to get there now—no matter what. 

That’s where Stratos Jet Charters steps in. 

Disaster operations require a high level of preparation, attention to detail and care. That’s where the expertise of our agents is critical. Leaning on our experience coordinating emergency flights and in disaster areas, you can focus on relief efforts while we coordinate your safe arrival. 

Disaster Relief Travel Support

Some of the ways we support relief teams during emergencies include: 

  • Evacuations – We help bring people to safety, coordinating appropriate aircraft and travel paths with very little notice for emergency evacuations.
  • Critical Cargo – When disaster-ravaged areas require medical supplies, food, drink or other life-saving supplies, we’ll get it there quickly by organizing cargo charter flights
  • Disaster-relief teams – When natural disaster strikes, we airlift search and rescue, surveying, and restoration teams anywhere they need to go
  • Medical aid – During a medical emergency, we arrange medical air charters staffed with the appropriate medical equipment and staff

After a disaster occurs and our agents are contacted, we immediately set to work to offer a charter solution that: 

  • Exceeds industry-standard safety regulations
  • Meets your requirements 
  • Fits your budget

The Stratos Advantage During Emergency Flights

When disaster happens, help is vital to those in distress, and it’s important that all humanitarian efforts are coordinated as quickly as possible. However, these situations typically come with logistical and infrastructure challenges, including governmental alerts, requirements, and other policies that can make getting there even more challenging. With all these factors to consider, humanitarian relief charters are typically the most effective option. 

Our unique experience, advanced technical support, exceptional safety standards, and vast network of aircraft put us in a position to overcome these obstacles. We have become adept at combining these skills to ensure each mission is safely and efficiently executed. 

Unrivalled Availability & Aircraft Selection

With access to an extensive network of private charter aircraft, our agents are able to coordinate disaster relief efforts anywhere in the world, for any number of passengers and for an endless amount of supplies. 

In addition to offering exceptional safety and service standards, our air charter associates are also available around the clock. Whether your post-disaster destination requires a demanding, multi-leg flight or a quick one-way charter, our agents will work tirelessly to ensure each and every mission is flawlessly executed. 


For more information about Stratos Jets and our ability to support post-disaster relief efforts, please contact us 888.478.7286

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