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Flying with a Wheelchair

For travellers with different abilities, flying with a wheelchair on plane that’s chartered is far easier and more convenient than choosing to fly with a commercial airline. As disabled passengers on airlines will tell you, there’s just no comparison. Being able to travel in your own private cabin is far more comfortable because you’ll enjoy:

  • Increased legroom
  • More comfortable seating options
  • Versatile seating arrangements (ie. club seating)
  • Maneuverable seats for easier access
  • Space to stretch and move around

Many charter aircraft also have enough in-cabin storage to permit you to bring your wheelchair on the plane. Even some smaller private jets, such as the Citation XLS, renowned for its spacious cabin and ample storage capacity, provide a comfortable environment for shorter trips.

There are even aircraft that have been specially adapted to facilitate wheelchair passengers, such as this Challenger 604. Before boarding your plane, there are a number of other benefits to flying privately that the commercial airlines can’t provide.

First and foremost, you’ll never have to parade around a busy airport terminal to find your departure gate. Nor will you have to undergo rigorous security screening, or lengthy check-in procedures.

Instead, you can often be driven directly to your awaiting aircraft and undergo minimally invasive security screening from the comfort of your vehicle. Depending on the extent of your disability, aircraft crew members will gladly assist disabled passengers when boarding the plane.

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