Praetor 600 Charter Flights




Max Payload

2533 lb


Super-Midsize Jet

Take off distance

4800 ft



Climb rate



Cruise speed

631 mph

Maximum range


Cruise altitude

45000 ft

Praetor 600 Private Jet Charter Flight Information

The exciting new Embraer Praetor 600 super-midsize private jet brings hints of Brazil’s gorgeous beaches to the skies. With improved range and a re-designed interior, this private jet brings the beach to you!

Built as an heir to the successful Embraer Legacy 500 series, the Praetor 600 jet charter has been redesigned with one goal in mind: to travel further in stylish modern comfort. The Praetor 600 can carry 8 to 12 passengers in complete ease. Named after a high-ranking Roman official, the new Praetor jet reflects authority, confidence, and elegance.


This is the leading area of improvement. The original Embraer Legacy 500 was capable of a respectable 3,450-mile range. However, by refining the wing aerodynamics and increasing the fuel capacity, the new Praetor 600 jet charter can easily travel 4500 miles. This means flying direct from New York to London, or Dubai to Hong Kong, non-stop.


While the improved flight range is impressive, it’s only advantageous if the flight is comfortable. Embraer has taken inspiration from Brazil’s spectacular beaches to create a stylish, calm cabin interior. The stitched seat pattern is inspired by the stone walkways by Rio’s Ipanema Beach. And the elegant carpets are an interpretation of light reflecting off the ocean on a calm day. It’s airborne serenity.

Other cabin amenities include:

  • Ergonomic plush seats that can swivel, recline and convert to a fully-flat bed.
  • Luggage Access: Need an item from your luggage? The Praetor 600’s high-capacity luggage compartment is safely accessible throughout the flight. Anything you need is always within reach.
  • Retractable tables for more space.
  • Spacious stone-floored galley with microwave, conventional oven, refrigerator, coffee brewer, crystal, china, and silverware for a luxurious flight experience.
  • Lavatory with large vanity, sink and plenty of natural light


The black carbon-fiber elegance of the Praetor 600 jet is only part of its appeal. Your time is extremely important, so the jet is designed as an impressive blend of range, speed and reliability. You can travel further, non-stop.

Range: 3900 nautical miles, (4500 miles, depending on speed and weather).

Speed: Top speed is .83 Mach (636 mph), typical high-altitude cruising speed is 552 mph.

The new Embraer Praetor 600 super-midsize private jet lets you go wherever you want, in premier comfort.

Praetor 600 Charter Rates (Per hour)

* Pricing is based on aircraft availability and the positioning requirements of the aircraft.

Praetor 600

Cabin configurations may vary

Aircraft Interior

Cabin height

6 ft

Cabin width

6.82 ft

Cabin Length

27.6 ft

Baggage Internal

45 cu ft ft

Baggage External

110 cu ft ft

Passenger Seating


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