Britten-Norman Islander Charter Flights


Britten Norman

Max Payload


Light Jet

Take off distance

621 ft



Climb rate

860 ft



Cruise speed

163 mph

Maximum range


Cruise altitude

Britten-Norman Islander Private Jet Charter Flight Information

The iconic Britten Norman Islander is a hardy, high-winged twin-engine propeller aircraft.

This reliable workhorse was first developed in the UK in the 1960s and has been progressively improved over the decades. The prototype was first demonstrated at the 1965 Paris Airshow and entered mass production in 1967.

Systematically revised in the decades since initial production, the aircraft eventually became one of the most popular small aircraft developed in Europe.

Because it is so affordable and reliable, the Islander has used for a variety of applications, including VIP charter transport, agricultural inspections, air ambulance, parachute exercises, and law enforcement patrols. It also has the distinction of being the aircraft used for the Shortest Commercial Flight in the World. Daily, island residents use a beloved 8-seat BN Islander for the 1-minute flight from Papa Westray to Westray in the Orkney Islands. It’s faster and cheaper than using the ferry. (You can find several videos online of the entire 2-minute flight, from take-off to landing.)

As a charter aircraft, the BN Islander is very practical for short flights under 630 miles. (550 nautical miles) With all seats installed, 8 passengers can be accommodated comfortably in the cabin. There is also an Executive variant, with a work table and extra legroom for 6 passengers.

The Britten-Norman Islander excels in short-runway locations, requiring only about 1,200 feet for take-offs. This versatile aircraft is the perfect choice for island-hopping charters, or as an air-taxi from a major airport to a nearby short-runway destination such as a factory site or resort area.


Engines: 2 Rolls Royce turboprop engines

Crew: 2 pilots

Passengers: 6-8 (Max 9, in commuter configuration)

Ceiling: 25,000 feet

Max Airspeed: 170 knots (196 mph)

Baggage capacity: 120 lbs or 25 cubic feet

Range: 678 miles (590 nautical miles)

Britten-Norman Islander Charter Rates (Per hour)

* Pricing is based on aircraft availability and the positioning requirements of the aircraft.

BN Islander

Cabin configurations may vary

Aircraft Interior

Cabin height

4.2 ft

Cabin width

3.5 ft

Cabin Length

15.2 ft

Baggage Internal

25 cu ft

Baggage External

0 cu ft

Passenger Seating


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